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  • Jason Jason Jun 18, 2013 00:39 Flag

    He Wants Madrid, but..

    Madrid don't want him.. I know there are some who will welcome him back with open arms and dismiss all of Suarez comments for what seems to be weeks on end now, but I won't be one of them. Maybe if he comes back, scores 40 and gets us into the CL or top 3, but for now, he simply can't / won't shut up, is being disrespectful and just needs to stop with this Madrid nonsense.

    Zidane stated that Fail Madrid will be happy to smash the transfer record for Gareth Bale, and along with Bale, Edinson Cavani is their #1 target. Cavani's father has said Madrid is his number one choice, though he'd play in the Prem (City most likely w/ a massive bid). With chances at Bale/Cavani, Luis isn't a priority.

    That said, IMO, he's doing everything possible to engineer the move, which at the moment seems to be of no interest to Madrid, as along with Bale / Cavani, they've made an official offer to Malaga for Spain's new star, Isco. I suppose their wallets are so deep they could afford all 3 with a few sales, but certainly Suarez would be redundant, and can any club deal with his #$%$

    For all the support given him, his non stop complaints which only make potential life in England worse, he's acting shameful and doing anything he can to get an offer. For an example of how this should be dealt with, just have a look at Dortmund and Lewandowski, or even Napoli where Cavani can go, when someone meets his 58M release clause. Notice Cavani isn't constantly talking, nor is Bale, nor is Lewandowski after Dortmund told him he will absolutely not go to Bayern. All conducting themselves as professionals, while this amazingly gifted player of ours, just can't shut up!

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    • There is no doubt it seems from what is printed that Suarez is trying to engineer a move to Madrid, but from what I've read I see nothing to indicate he wants out of LFC unless its Madrid who come calling. But I'd also note he's not the first Latin player who has said publicly he'd like to play for one of the Spanish giants. What we have to realize is that for many Latin players both clubs are like a siren call, and to be honest I can't blame a player who says honestly what he's thinking.

      Now would I prefer this be done with a bit more tack, behind closed doors? Yes of course, but it seems to me Madrid are likely to be shopping, spending big, and are just waiting for a new manager to actually go in the shop and decide which goodies he's going to buy. What Suarez is doing, is clearly putting himself in the shop window.

      I understand that this may not be tasteful to some, and may even cause some to reject him going forward. However is this really very different from what Ronaldo did, what Alonso (who I think is someone many would welcome back with open arms!) did, or what Mascharano did.

      Most of us grew up as LFC fans, and therefore think our club the be all and end all of things. However others did not, and for many the Spanish giants are the very top of the mountain they've been climbing from the very first day they pulled on a jersey. Now we may want a team full of Carra's ( who btw did not grow up a red, but acting as one his entire professional life) but the reality is, the vast majority of our players did not grow up red, but so long as every time they pull on that jersey they represent it with their entire heart and soul, I'll forgive them for that. If Suarez is with us next season, and if when he pulls on the jersey he gives 100% to the cause, I'll forgive him, and understand he's just like 99.9% of all footballers out there. Professionals, nothing more nothing less.

    • So, via Espana and what I read, (and this may be in British news as well) Liverpool have apparently finally spoken, telling Suarez if he wants to leave, he has to hand in a written request (which would mean he has a club and contract offer), but they have absolutely no offers on the table from Madrid or anyone else. Regards to this, I hope Madrid sign Bale and Isco, Cavani to City, we identify another great striker and sell Suarez to Anzhi in Russia so he can enjoy his CL football (and winter) there.. Outside of watching Uruguay and the Confederations cup (where he's selfish and doesn't pass enough), I could really care less about this guy..

    • Yes hes burning bridges alright Jason there is no doubt about it. And this could come back and bite him in the #$%$. Whether now ho goes or stays will be interesting to see. But i feel hes got one foot out the door even if its in his own head lol.

      I've got a feeling if he goes it could be to PSG or even one of the big spending Russian teams. Although i don't think he'd go out there way too cold for him ;/

      Or maybe he just might stay with us and eat humble pie and put him on the bench till he learns some maners! And that i don't think is in his nature tbh.

    • It certainly seems that way at the moment, every 2 days we get another little snippet, with no response from Real. We do keep forgetting the window doesn't open till July 1st and that Madrid have no manager yet so are unlikely to sanction moves till that point. BUT, we see Zidane pressuring Bale every 5 minutes and talking about silly sums off money, we aren't seeing that for anyone else. Cavani's dad says he fancies Madrid though Cavani has suggested working under Mourinho is his preference, who knows. I have seen stories that Madrid plan to have a clear out and then buy Bale, Suarez, Cavani and Isco, it seems unlikely but we have seen them go out and get Ronaldo, Kaka, Albiol, Benzema and get snubbed for Ribery in a window before so I wouldnt bet against it!

      I smell a bit of Bayern interest coming to the fore soon though, that move for Lewandowski looks dead and buried, they will be after another striker you would think and I doubt (despite being champions of everything) that they could attract Cavani, maybe Luis has always dreamed of playing for them too.

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      • Sounds like the Galactacos all over again.

        Suarez for me is finished as a Liverpool Player. He's always doing something that knocks the name and reputation of the club. Enough is enough. Still we need to get the right money and that means hard ball tactics. I'm glad the club is relatively silent on the matter. Let Suarez do all the talking.

        As I've said this smacks of someone at Madrid having had a little word in his ear. It stinks of their usual game of turning a players head to try and get the price down.

    • What if we don' sell him, he gets annoyed at Liverpool and porously doesn't produce quality football??? It's a possibility.