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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jun 18, 2013 20:45 Flag

    Carroll to WHU

    Finally we're rid of him.. obviously nowhere near the £35m we paid for him.

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    • Hi there Armchair,

      With regard to Carroll leaving, I have a feeling that BR has also succeeded in getting rid of your team's Plan B.

      Sometimes teams need to resort to 'Plan B' when Tiki-taka fails to deliver. Caroll could have been very useful for you lot in that respect. I still remember the way Andy Carroll single-handedly caused Chelsea all sort of problems when he came on in the latter stages of the FA Cup final at Wembley a few seasons ago. Ah well... it's too late now!

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      • MCMXC1X.....100% AGREEMENT WITH U. Think Big SAM will get the best out of the lad hes not the stubborn personality that BR so obviously is. could be to do with the fact that Big Sam is a Lancashire Lad and BR is NOT.

      • MCMXCIX Liverpool didn't play Tiki-Taka last season, especially in the second half of the season when they were more successful. They played a high possession, sometimes high tempo game, that involved a fair number of long balls and direct play that you'd never see from Barcelona. Thank God in my view. I find Tiki-Taka tedious to watch and we don't have the players to play it well. As for Carroll, good sell, decent buy for West Ham but he doesn't fit Rodgers' Plan A, B or C - you can have different options of the bench but you can't fundamentally change your style of play as ateam. Rodgers is doing well in my view but this season will be the litmus test of him for me. Will be interesting.

      • A Plan B is only any good if it's an effective and viable option.. BR thought Carroll wasn't good enough to be a Plan B. hence why he got rid. We'll buy in more players and they'll be a Plan B I suspect..

    • Just read that as part of the deal we had to pay Carroll £1m.


    • I agree with previous posters that, given he wasn't going to fit BR's plans, selling him makes total sense (regardless of whether you think BR is right or wrong or whether you think it could have been handled better).

      I would like to point out that none of this is AC's doing - he always appeared to give 100% for the club and has maintained a respectful silence throughout the whole sorry affair. He has my total respect for that and I hope that he goes on to have a fantastic career.

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      • Paddy have to agreee 100% with u...all respect to Andy C for conducting himself in an honourable manner where our club is concerned, shame some of the so called 'fans' werent able to accord him the same respect they got from him. Good Luck to the lad I wish him well in his club and International career.