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  • Other than Utd away, the first up fixtures look just what BR ordered and give him a good chance to get off to the good start that he will need to avoid any fan pressure. What do you think?

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    • It's like chalk and cheese compared with last season, which is a very good thing. It's well balanced so we don't get all the top half clubs one after the other, or front loaded like last season. The hardest patch actually looks like between Christmas and new years, but by that point new players who might arrive, and the squad as a whole should be well bedded in, but I don think the turn will be the critical part of our season.

    • Being a cynic, the best chance that Brendan has of "getting off to a good start" is to hang on to all the decent players that began to show through late in the latter half of last season and buy a handfull more decent players to compliment and build on what he has got. I was quite hopeful of us making some good deals in the Transfer Window but the Aspas paperwork nonsence has given me a bit of a "downer" I'm afraid.

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      • To be honest Ron can't really disagree with you, other than to say its a bit early to be cynical here, as the transfer window is not actually officially open yet. So for me, while I agree with you we need to hang on to our better players and be building around those that really started to emerge during the 2nd half of next season, I see nothing so far (and it is really early doors) to suggest that won't happen.

        As for the Ayre's jab from you and Colin, I really think this is blown out of proportion. The paperwork whether with the correct agents signature on it can't and won't go through for another 10 days simply because the window is not open yet. But end of the day it looks like a classic case of agents lining up for the breadcrumbs of any deal, and arguing who should get the bigger pieces. If this was happening late August I'd agree with you, but mid June, and its just a trivial story about Spanish agents arguing over who should get paid what, which the Spanish FA will sort out.

      • Ron...me too, its given me a downer : looks like we (that should read BRENDAN and AYRE ) learnt nothing at all from the last seasons debacles during both transfer windows. If we sell quality like Suarez and Skrtel and Reina ...when what we should be selling is the likes of Assaidi , Allen and Shelvey and we dont bring in World Class proven talent to replace them then no matter how easy the earlier part of the seasons fixture list looks on paper then we are going to struggle ...if this suspicion on my part turns out to be true then surely its time for BR and Ayre to be down the road before the JAN. transfer window opens and get people in place who show some sign of knowing what they are doing. Right now things look pretty dire what with Sturridge very likely to mis the seasons first few games at least and Louis makig all sorts of noises that he wants away and he wants away now plus we are in the process of selling on Andy C. Just whowe are going to be starting up front with remains a mystery and with no Suarez and no Sturidge to partner him this coming season then Im sure we will be one of the sides other clubs are happy to see visiting their places rather than fearing our visit....Oh for a return of those happy "daze" when every club expected to lose to us.

      • Don't worry about that Ron, nobody can officially sign till July 1st so you won't see confirmation either way, just like there has been no interviews from Kolo etc, Aspas deal will be done within a day or 2 of the window opening. Coutihno, Sturridge and Henderson are prob the 3 players that really came to the fore late in the season and I think you are right, we need to sculpt around them which I think we will and are doing. I am buzzing for the season, not like last year with the whole Dempsey, Carroll nonsense, we have reason to be optimistic, I just don't know how optimistic yet!

    • I am delighted with the fixture list, good home start, a winnable game but not a mug so no complacency. United at home in the 3rd match is perfect, Moyes' Manure will have just played Swansea away and Chelsea at home so we might be able to keep ourselves in the mix for at least a couple of weeks with a win!

    • I mean "Utd at home"