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    LFC's Response to his "Highness"..

    From translation in Spanish news, Liverpool FC have responded to Suarez' repeated comments on wanting to leave the club, by telling him that in order to do so, he must hand in an official written transfer request (which would mean he has a club and contract offer, and doesn't), which would also cause him to forgoe a very high payment for being with the club/roster this season which is said to be in the 1M region, alot of money for doing nothing!!

    Shortly after, it was suggested he had changed his tune a bit in comments prior to Uruguay's next Confed Cup match, but those quotes weren't yet made available. I say good on you LFC,call his bluff and tell him to step up, or shut up. End of the day, if Cavani wants to go to Madrid, Madrid will buy him, and they will attempt for Bale and Isco. Suarez is 3rd on their list. Bayern could be the ones, but I also think they have their heart set on Lewandowski even if it means waiting the 12 months, or until January when he's down to 6 months on his contract.

    Suarez could still very well go, but if Madrid don't come calling, he could find himself getting a cold eye from alot of his teammates, who've all supported him high and dry, while all he does is cause trouble and ask to leave.. I expect more twists and turns, but hope we do identify a good replacement like Damiao etc.. I'm fed up, AND it's important to remember we don't have him for 6 matches too!

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    • I agree he should hand in transfer request.. I doubt he will..unless a club is waiting in the wings.. also he's really upset the club and fans.. too far methinks this time..

    • To be honest Jason I think you might have become a bit obsessed by this story. Every transfer windows players talk about other clubs they would be flattered to play for. Half the rumors you and other post up on here start with a player, an agent, or a family member stating how they'd be "flattered" to play for club X or in League Y. Is this really any different other than its our player making the statement instead of somebody else s?

      Suarez is not happy living in England. Maybe much of that is of his own making, but then again can you blame anyone who does not like the strong glare of the British tabloid press? Therefore if a move to the right club were available to him can we not understand why he might not like that? End of the day if Madrid do go for him (which I agree will only happen if other deals don't happen) just like many other players (half the Madrid squad in fact) he'll be off, as the siren call is just too loud. The same thing happened with: Arbeloa, Alonso, DiMaria, Khadira, Modric, Ozil, Benzema, and Ronaldo. All those player were loved by their previous clubs, but all of those were called by the Spanish giants, and many of those when the whispers started either put themselves in the shop window, or had their agents and or family members do it for them in order to engineer the move.

      Just food for thought, you can admire Cavani for not talking up a move every time a microphone is put in his face like Suarez, but that might be because he does not have to as his Mum, Dad, his agent, and Marca are doing the talking for him!

    • All the English press have been reporting this for 2-3 days, the classic 'put up or shut up'. Most of them suggest that Real have told him to keep talking to drive his price down but LFC are not falling for it. The thing is, if he puts a transfer request in, we can accept a bid from anywhere, be it Gala, Zenit, Anzhi or anywhere else horrid like that and he will have to talk to them. The payment you are reffering to is an ironically named 'loyalty bonus' which a player is entitled to in a transfer should he not put a request in, this is rumoured to be around £3.5m! So no wonder he is trying to wriggle around it.

      I expect we will get another instalment after their game tomorrow. If he doesnt put a transfer request in, then he needs to shut the hell up, even Rooney and Torres had the dignity to do so and get called traitors for that. The biggest shame is that we are having a lively transfer window with a great fixture run in so everyone is excited about the season except for him.

      Whatever the outcome, stay or go, we need it sorted asap so we can either plan with him or get even more excited about his replacement.

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      • Dave,
        I respect and appreciate your counter points and measured responses to this, but if you read Hobs, while maybe he's not stating things as strongly as I am, I can assure you I'm not obsessed with it, but I'm tired of it and just bringing in things as I hear/see them specifically from Spanish media. If I didn't have that ability, and just British/American press, I'd comment alot less, but also, I'm just flat out tired of him. For as much as I love the guy in Red and when he plays well, I absolutely detest all the side shows and always thought if we could get 50M, I would more than likely do it, and if it were my money / choice, tack on the other 8-10M, buy Cavani and go on to score 100 goals and top 3.

        That said, every time he goes away, particularly this past year, he says the same things, even did this back in January, and forced Rodgers into a "he's happy and not for sale bit" along with Ayre, and neither of them are commenting now whatsoever. The silence is deafening, and if you care to believe what I read in regards to Mkhitaryan from Shakhtar, they are supposedly considering him as a Suarez replacement, though, 40-50M will see someone more suited for that role. And on that note, the word is the Carroll Money should secure that deal for the 25 goal scoring attacker.

        As far as Suarez, just so you know I'm not obsessed or being inconsistent, I was one of the few who desperately wanted to keep Torres at all costs, as he'd just found form under Kenny, was finally getting fit and would have exploded with Suarez having just come in. Torres always got into verbal matches with refs and got yellows, which I hated, and he once kicked the chalk on a pk spot given by Webb at Old Trafford, and my comment was send him off. I do not support poor behavior in any manner, but Torres kept quiet at all costs, rather than talking to every John, Joe and Bob with a mic. That sounds like your Cavani point, but Cavani is also happy to stay and not making threats..