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  • Jason Jason Jun 20, 2013 12:29 Flag

    Rafa's Interest.. Dare we Dream??

    So this is direct from English media, nothing I've read specifically in Spanish or seen on Serie A news (which is similar to British news/rumors), but we can all see the story that says Rafa is interested in purchasing Suarez at Napoli. Whethere there is any truth in that, who the hell knows, BUT, it means 1 thing for sure if true, Cavani will be on the move, which we all know already, especially because Rafa's style doesn't suit him style wise whatsoever..

    So, I guess my "Dream" part is, if it's true, and Napoli offer us 40M for Suarez, I would immediately, without blinking, turn around and offer 58M for Cavani, making it a straight swap, getting a better striker and ending the Suarez debate all together, while sending him to Italy rather than his preferred Spain.

    Obviously this is me dreaming, but as I mentioned in a previous comment/thread, Cavani was once quoted as saying he would prefer to play for a team with history such as Liverpool and Arsenal (Epl wise), and obviously that would include Madrid. But just think, IF that were to work out, I think I'd faint, and we would become a monster of a squad including the other targets heading in.. If there is a God above, please listen to me!! Suarez to Napoli for 40+, turn around 58M and get the world's best striker!! I'm just torturing myself..

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    • I gotta say Jason, Cavani hasn't impressed me at all in the Confederations Cup. Maybe he's knackered or something but 50 mil looks horrendously expensive.

    • Assuming Cavani wants to come to LFC it'll be quite a coup.. we'd sure win the title then.. I'd like to think we'd come ahead of Arsenal as preference?

    • Cant see it Jase! I know he is your big love so you have to dream at least! No matter what Cavani may have once said, it seems, at his age, he is only looking for a move to go and win trophies and I am certain, no matter what he might say, he will be looking for nigh on £200k per week. He is a phenominal player but it has to be a straight fight between City, Chelsea and Madrid. Even if we could put the money up, I don't think he would come, plus in my opinion, we are better off taking that Suarez bundle and buying 2 really, really good players rather then 1 megastar.

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      • It would be nice, but agree its very unlikely. Even if Cavani is the sort of player who would take prestige over money I think he has many choices that can give him both before he'd come to us. The simple truth is players of his caliber (and i'd include Suarez, Bale, and a few others who are the hot topics of transfer rumors) are highly unlikely to go to any team that cannot get them CL football right away, and for those who are truly the cream, just being in Europe is not enough, they want to be at a club with a realistic chance of actually winning it, which is why the very biggest clubs have such an advantage.

      • I agree with you Hobitez no way he will come to Liverpool over Madrid.