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  • Jason Jason Jun 22, 2013 13:50 Flag

    Welcome Luis Alberto

    After about 2 weeks of chatter and the cat out of the bag, looks like we've confirmed our 3rd capture of the summer (with Mignolet seeming to be # 4), in Luis Alberto from Sevilla.

    I'm pretty excited about this kid, and while he definitely needs to bulk up a bit, I said the same thing about Oscar, Coutinho and several others, so it's a matter of the summer and his class/skill taking over. His last season for Barca B was super impressive with 11 goals and 17 assists, so I see him as a direct competition for Coutinho (who won't lost his spot obviously), but also as a more central player since he has played striker and #10, where Philippe operates out wide quite comfortably.

    The idea with Rodgers is to have 2 of everyone for every front position, so there's competition, depth, and fluidity, and while we still have a ways to go, especially with our # 7 a mystery, this whole shaping of the squad and philosophy is very clear and exciting. One of BR's very first comments when he was hired was: "I want goals from everywhere", and as he continues to bring in his style players, you can envision that. Now if we could only get this Mkhitaryan mess from Shakhtar Donetsk sorted out w/ 3rd party ownership.

    Anyways, welcome Luis! YNWA, looking for exciting things this year and the future!

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    • I am sure most people have checked out the youtube clips but this boy can bang some stunning long range strikes! Luis Garcia the second!

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      • He's what I personally would describe as a more "goal scoring" version of Coutinho, with the similar type of creativity and footwork, but better eye for goal. So, while people are constantly comparing Coutinho to Oscar and who's better, I'd say Alberto has the goals in his locker to match Oscar who is more of a scorer than provider. That said, 11 goals AND 17 assists is a great ratio for anyone, anywhere.. I suspect he'll play wide left alot, and center / 10, with Aspas taking wide right..

        Now, if we could get around this debacle of ownership right for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, we'll be ready to rock and roll going forward, and just focus on solidifying the back and defensive midfield.

    • Yes the attacking positions from a competition point of view is turning out pretty good.

      I agree with you on the bulking up - 6 weeks on the protein shakes and a few barbell curls will sort that out though! The lad does have impressive stats but as ever with foreigners, can they handle the pace of the game?

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      • Well, nobody can say for sure, but playing at Barca B, meant he got the Barca training and foreign players are adapting better and better as time goes on, particularly of the Spanish / S. American variety..

        As for the pace/physicality, I thought Oscar, De Gea, Ramires, Coutinho, Kagawa, Gaston, Pablo, etc etc would all struggle due to stature, and all not only proved that wrong, but were excellent in their respective roles/clubs..