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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns Jun 25, 2013 12:35 Flag

    '' Just 3 more signings''-------------

    Darren Bent £3.5M, 12 goals a season, bargain, offload in 3 years for #$%$ all.

    Victor from Celtic, £12M, midfield powerhouse and don't give me any crud about the SPL, he showed his worth in the CL by a long way, Gerrard replacement in years to come, if anyone can
    In 3 years time this guy is worth £30M.

    MacManaman from wigan...£8M

    Top 4 in 2 years...................

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    • The only one out of that lot i'd take up is Victor Jason the other lot we would be setting our sights way too low. Especially seeing as we are gonna loose the goals from Suarez. And we maynot get the Armenian.

      So that in mind we need quality not just a few goals as we need to replace 23 from the want away boy : ) Lets see what we get for Suarez and get a good finisher in as we'll have the money to compete with say 40m+ in our hands. I've got a feeling this will be a good season over all. YNWA! Especially as Golom seems to be ripping the coaching staff apart at manure keep it up : )

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      • Andrew that's my whole point
        You pinkies need to wake up to reality
        You are not going to attract one of the £40M+ strikers out there, even if they will move it wont be to LFC, as you don't have CL football.
        the 3 I mention give you that stepping stone of 2 years to make it to 4th slot, then you can attract the ''bigger'' players
        replacing Suarez's 23 goals in a season wont be easy, but whover replaces him, wont just score zero, hence why I say Bent will give you 12, someone else, with the better supply chain I speak of will then also score more goals
        Don't forget in 2 years time, Gerrard will be on the scrap heap.....you need to school someone now

    • It is always just 3 players we need isn't it?! :)
      Victor would be a good signing for us, Lucas has had it a little easy in the defensive midfield stakes for a while, think you have missed the boat a bit in the Gerrard comparison though.

      3 signings I think would be great for us are Alderweireld, Erikksen and Wanyama, I could happily switch those like for like for Sakho, Mkhitaryan and the great one, Xabi Alonso!

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      • I haven't seen a whole lot on most of those guys but Alonso I'd have back in a wink if I could be convinced that he was still up to the rigours of the PL. His style certainly lends itself to a pretty long career I grant you.

        Wanyama. Yes definitely. The little I saw of him against Barcelona this last season was enough. He was the only one that looked half way composed while all were losing heads around him, in that Scottish style of play.

        I know I'll get flamed for it but I'm personally still not 100% convinced by Lucas and I think Wanyama would offer more. He's more aggressive for starters which I think is something that Lucas lacks. Not in a tackle but just his demeanor and how that results in the way he imposes himself on the game. For me the ideal type of person in that defensive or retreated midfield role needs to be one of two types. Either a real monster that simple dominates everyone and everything around them but still has the skills to distribute the ball. A Souness or Roy Keane if you like. Otherwise it has to be an Alonso type who simply has the silky skills and distribution to run the game. They dominate by simply having the ball more than anyone else and are always available to everyone around them.