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  • Colyn Colyn Jun 27, 2013 14:02 Flag


    No other thread on this guy so I thought I'd start one.

    At the moment I'm not even convinced we've spoken to Shaktar but he hasn't shown up for a pre season trip / training and I'm now reading that Dortmund have made an offer of 23m Eur. That makes our life tougher if we are interested in this player as Dortmund can offer Europe.

    Spill all here

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    • Hi Colyn

      I don't have anything other than heresay (stuff you've probably already heard). It looks as if we want him but it's a complicated deal (many interested parties) and the club aren't in a hurry to sell and so are asking top dollar.

      It'll come down to whether we're prepared to stump up the cash I guess but, from the little I've seen of him, he looks the real deal.

      I confess to being a bit confused by the clubs transfer dealings so far - lots of squad-types coming into positions that I didn't have as particularly weak. This will be the first nail-on first teamer if he comes.

      My guess is we'll see more outs than ins before that happens.

    • Well that amount only comes to 19.5m they wanted 20m but i've read also they are now wanting 25m. Whether we get him goodness know but i'm not bothered there are loads of other options in that kind of area.