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    Man Turd UTD

    Now Moyes has joined as manager of the said team and he's won sod all with Everton.. are they now for the taking? Also he's getting rid of the staff that have made them successful. So is this the end of their (ill gotten) dominance of the EPL?.. What does that mean for LFC?

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    • At best it will be a blip. At the end of the day it's about money and United have buckets of it. Just look at the caliber of player they're trying to sign. Baines being the latest.

      If Moyes doesn't do a decent job then they'll find someone who will. However, I thin kthey still have an issue to address in midfield and I don't see that happening at the moment.

      What does it mean for us? Nothing. We have enough to worry about in getting our own ship in order. If and only if (big if) we ever get on par with them financially and on the pitch then maybe we can look at what they're doing.