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    Toughest EPL Yet ( and 2.3M)

    All the paper talk and rumors will always exist, but bearing in mind all of the tv money the teams in the EPL are getting this season, in addition to whatever pockets they have, is shaping up to make what I think may be the most competitive EPL season I've ever seen in my time as a fan.. Some rumors are just that, but others we can see where a club or spokesman puts something in quotes, and seeing a club like Southampton having had a 10M bid accepted for Wanyama of Celtic, and rumors of stepping up for 25M to Internacional for a player of Leandro Damaio's caliber, really has to catch your attention. Of course, not everything on paper materializes to an end product, but I think this is the reason LFC are being linked with so many attacking players, and have been actively pursuing so many, with strong suggestions that Mkhitarayan having been agreed for 25.7M

    In light of that, I honestly could see a team coming out of nowhere, or who we'd consider bottom half, actually putting forth a serious top 6-7 push, much like West Brom did for a significant period, but seeing it through. If Southampton and Swansea, are truly spending or going to, as the way stories suggest, with quality managers, I can really see it, and it only adds the challenge in a hard league, and brutal top 7 already..

    As for the 2.3M part, apparently Cardiff City have purchased Tom Ince from Blackpool for 8M something, and if he decides to go, which one would presume he will, gives us 2.3M back for the sell on fee in his contract.

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    • Man U won't be the team to beat this season that could well be Man C, Chelsea, Spurs, us, Arsenal.

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      • Why do you feel your team will be the team to beat over United ? Lets face it if moyes can get Everton above you, what will he do with the United squad. Now you may say but Rooney will go, and id say Suarez will go. So who is in Most trouble then ? And do you really think moyes wont get big backing in the transfer market for his first season ? Garay seems likely, Alcantara hopefully, maybe Strootman, Zaha , Rooney would be replaced . I think we will be strong. You are not title challengers. Not even remotely and thats if Suarez stays. You normally talk a lot of sense, maybe you have been hacked. United come Feb will be mathematically uncatchable by your lot.

    • And it's also rumoured that we may be about to hyjack that move by paying 5.7m (matching 8m - 2.3m). That will be an additional attacker in the team. Since the transfer window has opened, I am hoping that we should start to see some outward movements soon. We are overloaded with attacking midfielders now..and I am not sure if that is sustainable.

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      • We're definitely going to see some outs soon, especially w/ a few players back from loan. By all accounts, (I'm not sure I love sale as opposed to loan) Shelvey is on his way, with Norwich, Swansea and WHU the names. Spearing for about 2-3M to Wigan, Downing with Villa return or Fulham, and surely Pacheco going somewhere for good.

        I'm not sure we're going after Ince after completing the Aspas move because he'll likely push downing for that wide right attacking move, and both Alberto and Sterling play there too, but I think a lot hinges on the Mkhitarayan rumor/move. Definitely a lot more action to come..