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  • Jason Jason Jul 1, 2013 15:41 Flag

    Did We Break the Bank?!?

    By now I think anyone can read everywhere, along with even seeing pictures of the guy being in England, supporting the story that we have agreed with Shakhtar Donetsk for Henrikh Mkhitarayan and his 25.7M release clause. I read multiple excerpts from Russian newspapers, obviously translated, but in quotes that the agreement has been reached, subject to a medical and to be announced in "72" hours..

    Then there's the Dortmund bid, and bookies odds having them as favorites, but again, by all these accounts including an Armenian football reporter, Armero something, who's close to Mkhi (gonna call him Micky), saying LFC all the way and just a matter of days..

    If this is true, he would become the 2nd highest transfer in LFC history, behind Andy and his 35M move.. I don't profess to be an expert on the guy, but have seen him in the UCL and was impressed with his all around game, and from what I've read, the Ukraine league is very difficult defensively like Serie A, and his 25 goals / 11 assists, on top of all around game, seems very impressive. I hope it's true, and then after him, I'm personally expecting to see us signing Tiago Llori, CB from Sporting Lisbon / Portugal Int'l.

    Guess we'll know in 72 hours or so.. OR not.. Silly Season!

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    • There is a lot of contradictory media knocking about concerning Henrikh, the noises from Europe are that it is just waiting for a few admin problems to announce the deal, whilst others suggest Spurs are chasing him hard whilst the only thing we actually know, is that Dortmund definitely had a bid rejected and a price tag confirmed to them. Hopefully he ends up a red, that was certainly what Lucescu was suggesting. By the way, since the 'within 72 hours' thing was quoted, it has now been 100 hours and counting!

      I think Llori makes sense if Skrtel is staying, if he goes, I think it will likely be a Papadopolous or Alderweireld.

    • FSG clearly have more money to spend than we believed.. May be some more players coming yet?

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      • I suspect that there will but we've certainly not spent a lot so far and you don't have to look very far. The PL's gone mad this window with the TV money that they now have. So far I'd say we've been very prudent in picking up players that are more directly suited to the direction of the club and we've done most of it for the fee recovered from Carroll's sale.

        Mkhitarayan will be out of the TV money. Let's hope it come off.