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    The "OUTS"..

    Mostly been a season end, and summer routine talking about all the faces coming in, and expected to yet still come in, but really not much talk about the players leaving, aside from Andy, who we all knew would go..

    Danny Wilson to Hearts, suppose wages gone. Jay Spearing looks like he's going to follow Own Coyle to Wigan for 2-3M, and as of today, Swans have confirmed talks for Jonjo Shelvey. Depending where you read, we've been wanting 5M all the way to 8M. For me, while sometimes I've been down on him, I've also seen his upside and would hesitate to sell for at least 1 more year and prefer a loan. Norwich & WHU also said to be interested. Rumors (zzzz) A.Villa want Downing back, with Fulham too, Pacheco has no rumors, and presumably no future at this point, AND today, via Spain, Barcelona are NOT convinced Valdes will stay and strongly suggest they could make an offer for Reina. Even if that's false, Rodgers did well to prepare. Sunderland could have ended up holding ransom for Mignolet, as could Stoke for Begovic.

    Figure Wilson saved 1M total w/ wages, Spearing for 3M, Pacheco maybe 2M, and "potentially" Reina for let's just say 12M, along with Assaidi wages on loan back to Netherlands, could equal close to another 18M.

    I'd turn around and spend that on Victor Wanyama yesterday, and another CB and bargain LB..

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    • Just read that we've agreed a £1.5m deal with Blackburn for Jay Spearing. Good luck Jay, as clubs Blackburn and Newcastle give me the eeby jeebies on the way they are managed. I take a little comfort in the fact that we haven't quite been as badly managed as Blackburn.

    • The paper nonsense is Suarez to Arsenal.. err didn't Suarez say he wants out of the UK due to the media?

    • Lots of talk that Jonjo deal has been agreed to Swansea for £6m though nothing official. Story on Skysports this morning said we have rejected a £5m offer for Downing from WHU, seems they are trying to rebuild our Dalglish side! It is of course hypothetical but assuming we get permanent deals for these guys, we will be pulling in a good net return:

      Carroll: £15 (+£2.5m add ons)
      Downing £6m
      Jonjo £6m
      Assaidi £3m
      Spearing £3m
      Coates £4m

      That would be £37-39.5m alone, take into account we have spent only £23m, there is still plenty of movement in the tank.

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      • To talk of letting Coates go just now would seem eminently sensible.....not. It smacks of the sort of hole we got ourselves into last year having to go half a season with a depleted strike force. No Carra, Skrtel staying questionable, Dan Agger bad back injury record, Martin Kelly seeming injury prone too, Kolo Toure lack of playing time for the past 2 years, and I am not yet convinced that the guy wont make good. He has good feet but needs to learn to throw his weight about a bit more and get a physical presence.