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  • benjamin benjamin Jul 3, 2013 21:30 Flag

    Jono Shelvey

    Finally another player sold but what should we do with the money???

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    • £5m for Shelvey???? Someones havin a laff here. Are we running a bargain Basement? The guy is an England player and has performed very creditably in the EPL and compared with some of the other "deals" going down he must be worth at least £8m FFS

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      • Ron/Colin/Dave

        I agree with you - it looks cheap for a player who's so young and has already represented England.

        Clearly BR has decided he's not going to make the grade which you could argue is being decisive. I'm not quite sure I understand how that fits in with our policy of buying youth with potential.

        Do these players need to be performing at "top 4" level by 21 in order to remain at the club? I know that there are players who can do so, but reckon there are many more who aren't quite at that level by that age but will be close to it in 2 years time. Surely, if we are going to consistently buy young, we need to be using the load system more a la Utd (i.e. not with a view to a sale). Otherwise, what's the point? I would put Coates very much in this pot.

        Let's hope BR judgement is sound eh?

      • Ron..would have been prepared to hang on at least another season to Jon Jo obviously Laudrup can see something in Jon Jo that Brenda CANT...5 MILL seems cheap to me.

      • I sort of agree with you Ron as I think once JonJo settles down he has real potential, and think we are selling too soon. Personally I'd prefer a loan deal and then cash in if he's not going to make it next summer.

        However its also true that while he has had moments of class, he's looked lost on the pitch at times also. Consistency was the word for last season, and Shelvey personified that. So cashing in now so we can get in players who can consistently deliver seems to be the plan. I'd also note, as the press reports initially were higher than the 5M now being reported, I'm wondering if there are add on's beyond the initial fee, which is not uncommon with such a young player. But either way, just 5M represent a huge profit from what we got him in for.