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  • Loki Loki Jul 3, 2013 22:55 Flag

    Stevie G: No longer attacking midfielder?

    Looking at the players being brought in and if the reports of buying Mkhit.. are true, I was thinking 'What is Stevie's role gonna be this year?' - I can only see him playing alongside Lucas in a 4-2-3-1 formation. I cant see him playing that attacking position any more. Its good Brendan is actually planning the team for post Stevie G, its only 2 seasons away now.

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    • Well, that is where he has been playing for 3 seasons now! Last seen as the no,10 when Benitez was still manager!

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      • Hi Hobs - not quite he's had a lot of license to get forward. What I am talking about is sitting alongside Lucas and not getting forward so much if at all and just spraying the ball around. Basically the way Xabi and Mascherano used to.

      • Hobbs I agree with you he has been playing much deeper of the last several seasons, but that tendency to sit rather than roam (from deep) seems to have increased since BR came in, and with the players coming in, it looks more likely he'll be much more the holding rather than roaming midfielder.

        But I'd also point out that playing that more disciplined role may well have added another season or two to his career. I'm not sure its a coincidence that we got almost an entire season out of him (other than what turned out to be a couple meaningless end of season matches) last term. Now some of that might be down to the medical staff taking better care of him, but I do think a major factor was actually better monitoring of his clock and telling him to not be so much the box to box superman he was in his 20's, but be the man pulling the strings ala Xabi or Pirlo.

    • Hey Loki.

      I agree that we have to prepare for life without Stevie but it seems odd that BR has just been quoted as saying SG is central to our plans. Like you say, maybe he sees SG in the "Alonso" role slightly forward of Lucas although I'm not certain he's best suited for that (he can obviously play it). Personally, I'd like to see us managing his season a bit better so that we have him at his rampaging best as an attacking mid against the best teams. That way Mkhit (if it gets done) can ease himself into the prem.

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      • I think like you both suggest, we've been seeing Gerrard deployed deeper over the past few years, and particularly Rodgers where I would have called him our new Xabi Alonso. Hence the reason why we may never see a Xabi return, if other than a last hurrah in front of the home fans.

        We know Stevie likes surging into the box, but as the past few years have gone on, we've seen far less of those long range shots go on, and does anyone spray the ball around the pitch better than Stevie? I think he's perfectly suited to sit back there, especially because he won't shy away from a challenge or mix it up in the air. If we did sign another big boy in the middle, I'd choose Stevie over Lucas to hold, if forced to choose of course..