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  • Jason Jason Jul 6, 2013 16:16 Flag

    July 22nd Deadline..

    Per our Soccer network last night, who also commented on us missing out on Mickey to Borussia Dortmund (though some ambitous writers suggest we still have a glimmer of hope), we, LFC have given Suarez a deadline to sort out his future by July 22nd, which is when he's due to return to the club.

    I don't think it's anything we'll read on the site, possibly not anywhere, and not everything is guaranteed in stone, but I think Dave would agree, that our soccer news channel really only speak about things that seem inevitably done, or where they just seem to have an inside track, and then they move on. There wasn't much else, but it suggests that like I put in another post, we're going to aquiesce to Suarez and a sale, and on the 22nd, it will be all on his shoulders.

    From reading in Spanish news, it seems Madrid may give up on Cavani because of the 63M Euro release clause, plus sign on fee, bonus and salary, which would cost close to 80M Euros, where they would now see Suarez at 40M or less if a swap was involved for let's say Jose Callejon, who I'd snap up in a second..

    Suarez the player on the pitch, with all his dribbling, nutmegs, chips, creativity, and childish enthusiasm, cannot be replaced, but his 23 league goals, absolutely, 110% can be. Sturridge hit 11 in 15, but he's not my #1 choice, so if on the 22nd of July, Suarez hands hin his request and refuses to return to the club, he will have made his bed official, and we will hopefully have someone lined up immediately. Loic Remy for 8M from QPR is a great option, Callejon has blistering speed and needed more game time at Fail Madrid, and there's David Villa (short term) Damiao, Gameiro etc etc. In an ideal world, we'd still get that #10 we desire now in the form of Christian Eriksen, AND another #9. We could even hope to be as ambitious as to consider Cristian Tello, Alexis of Barca with that money OR Christian Benteke, who for me tix every box..

    Alot depends on Edinson Cavani's decision