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  • I see the latest rumor is we are after Alonso for about 10M, but its as much a question of if Real will sell, as it is whether FSG will actually splash the cash for a player past 30.

    First off who knows if this is just paper talk or not. Stevie has been on record for a long time stating he'd love to play with the Spaniard again, and if BR was asked about whether Alonso would be an attractive option, of course he'd say he was, but that does not mean we're serious about actually bringing him in.

    however for me it would be a great deal. Yes he's over 30, but Alonso's game has never been about pace but about great passing and intelligent positioning, both things that usually actually get better with age. Also I'm not sure so called "moneyball" is about only buying young players. As I understand if from the baseball world (and Jason may keep me honest here) its about finding value others can't see, so going for a player over 30 that still has a lot of upside, but others have discounted for being too old would fit the model. For me, the way in which Alonso plays means he could still be a first teamer making a major contribution for at least another 3 or 4 years, so 10M plus wages seems like a bargain, so long as the wages are not extreme..

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    • ....'' but its as much a question of if Real will sell, as it is whether FSG will actually splash the cash for a player past 30.....''

      ERRRRRR, not quite steerage, its more about whether Alonso wants to leave to go elsewhere and where that elsewhere would be.
      He took a forward leap in going to Real, why would he want to go backwards, to a team that has gone backwards and the only familiar face, is now an ageing one.
      Alonso will follow Mourinho if anything, a team on the up a better Manager and 100 times more chance of winning trophies.............if you think your going to get him back, you'll next be thinking you'll win the league
      blindness at its best..........as usual.

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      • Bit behind the times aren't you? Ben below told the board that Alonso would not consider coming back to the prem (either to us or Chelsea). Of course that was a full day after the story that we might be looking at him in an article I thought was likely paper talk, but then again maybe your right, blindness is best!

        btw tell me how over joyed you are with Kone coming to Everton? A 29 veteran of relegation battles, you must be over the moon. I got to tell you I really thought Everton were on the right track bringing in Martinez, but not so sure now.

    • Not too long ago strongly rumoured that Bayern were very interested in a swap deal ARHEN rOBBEN plus a lump ofcash fo Suarez..now that seems for me to fit the bill !

    • I have just read that Alonso will not be coming back to English football!!

    • I would have him back in a heartbeat. Yes he is 32 but the only question you need to ask is "is he better then what we have?", the answer is yes. He is still a world class player, his vision and ability have not been affected with age and probably will not anytime soon. Suarez is going to leave, we are better off trying to get players we couldnt normally buy as part of the deal, in my opinion.

    • Afraid I see this as a sprat to catch a mackerel, the sprat being Xabi and the mackerel being Luis Suarez. A Real ploy to set the 2 Clubs talking turkey. Hey LFC, how about £30M plus Xabi for Suarez? No way Jose, I'd sooner hang on to Luis thank you very much, however sweet Xabi used to be. Just how many midfielders do we need anyway?

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      • Ron you maybe right its just a story cooked up to get the ball rolling to discuss a possible swap deal (player plus cash) to grease the wheels of Suarez moving to Madrid, and if that is the case I also don't want anything to do with it. If Real are interested in Suarez then they need to put in a bid for a hefty cash only deal. We can then mull it over to decide if we're better off with the player, or a hefty sum to find a replacement.

        However if Alonso is available as a separate transaction, and he maybe as there have already been rumors about him going to Chelsea It would be of interest to me. Yes we are overloaded with midfielders right now, but the question is, how many are good enough or do we plan to keep in the squad post August. I'd also note not all midfielders play the same role, with only Lucas or Allen really playing the holding role Alonso plays. We all have our personal opinions on how good certain players are, whether its Allen, Hendo, Suso or anyone else, but I would say we can break them down into 3 categories, those good enough to start, those good enough to be squad players, and those that need to prove they can be part of groups one or two otherwise they need to be moved on either permanently, or on a loan deal to help get them playing time to prove their case.

        In Alonso's case, I would put him in the first category, that being he's good enough to start, and in fact I think he'd make our starting line up better along side Stevie and Lucas to form our central 3. However the question becomes is he good value for the amount he'd reportedly cost to buy. At 10M, even though he is over 30, I suggest is not too much for a player who would walk into the first team, and I'd expect to be a solid contributor for at least the next 2 or 3 seasons, if not longer. He may relegate an Allen or a Hendo to a squad role for a year or so, but not sure that is such a bad thing, as we need at least 2 quality players to cover each starting 11 position

      • Suarez is worth at least £60m.. So any club offering £30m is trying to rob us.

    • Chelsea are also interested in Alonso if Real sell who do you think he will pick his former club or manager?