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  • Paddy Paddy Jul 11, 2013 08:27 Flag

    Transfer Funds

    Just interested in people's opinions on this.

    Given that our transfer dealings so far this summer are looking almost even, and given the increase in television money, how much do people think should be left in the transfer kitty this year (without factoring in future sales of maybe Suarez, Reina, Skrtel)?

    Personally so far, I have been underwhelmed by our transfer dealings. We have purchased lots of potential/squad players without improving the first team imo. The Armenian and the Greek would have done that but we seemed unable to get those deals done for whatever reason. So, in addition to the question above, what first teamers could we realistically afford and entice to come to LFC?

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    • I think you would enjoy reading an interview with BR yesterday. The cut down version of it states that so far he is happy that we have bought in players to improve 'the squad', now he is looking for players to improve 'the first team'. That was the biggest boost I have had as a fan, it suggests the best is yet to come.

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      • Hi Hobs

        Yep - saw that earlier and it did give me a boost. Sounds like the club have got the thinking straight - can't wait to see who they have in mind.

      • Hobbs it really was a boost, and suggests he's now looking to add quality and not just depth. I'm still not expecting a major marque player to come in, as the challenge to sign such a player without being able to offer European football, and not having deep enough pockets to make up for it with a hefty salary is tough to overcome. But some proven experience can still be hand if we look hard.

        But I also don't think we have that far to go to get real improvement over last term. Yes other clubs are investing heavily, but I think we do have as much improvement from within the squad as we will likely get from trying to buy it on the open market.

        Put it this way, established players in their prime will provide consistent performances for their clubs, but are not likely to get much better from one season to the next. Young developing players yet to hit their prime however, while there is a risk they cannot improve, if they can, they are likely to get much better one season to the next. For the most part looking at the age of our squad, we have many more players in that latter category than the former, while many of the clubs we need to overcome to get top 4 have the opposite.

    • Which would you prefer a squad deep in depth but an average squad with potential to be a good squad.. .. or a small squad with good players? I'd prefer the former..

    • There is definitely money there, otherwise we wouldn't have bid for Mkhitaryan. It might just be though, if they don't get the players they want as no.1 targets that it will take a bit of time to get into detail about the 2nd choices. I think we will quite possibly sign Eriksen and Cissokho, that will actually balance our squad if we assume there are no more outs other then youth loans. Then I think it is a case of 1 for 1's with every out possibly making room for an in. We have spent well so far in my opinion.

    • Firstly I would say that I think that the purchases have improved the squad. It wouldn't take much with Downing being our best option on the right!

      We all know our big issue is no European Football. That leaves you scraping around trying to find the gold nuggets in the gravel.

      I suspect that you'll find that much of the TV money will not be seen as it goes back into stabilising the club. Wages are too high and the squad has still too many players that need offloading.

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      • No Euro competition this season could well be to our gain.. As it gives us chance to rest players and the new players get chance to settle in. Then next season we'll be ready..

      • Your middle paragraph hits the nail firmly on the head. I just hope that LFCs Owners take sufficient note of this, you have to speculate to accumulate. "..... trying to find gold nuggets in the gravel" is an absolute descriptive gem of a phrase and paints the real picture of what we are up against.

      • Hobs & Colyn

        Thanks for the replies and you make interesting points.

        I guess my confusion/concern comes from the management of the club aiming at the top four this season. We finished short of that last year by some distance and it looks likely that we will lose our most effective player in Suarez (in any case we are losing him for a chunk of the season). Signing squad players doesn't seem to me to be doing enough to close the gap to where we say we want to be.

        I'm hoping that we bring in some experienced players that can improve the first team as Mkhit & Papadopoulos would have done. As Hobs says, Eriksen & Cissokho look likely but I don't see either as much of an improvement on what we have. But I confess to having no idea who would (and would be realistic for us - you're right on that score Colyn).

        Let's hope the transfer panel can pull some rabbits out of the hat or we might be looking at another year in 6/7th.