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  • Jason Jason Jul 12, 2013 17:23 Flag

    More Brazilians in our Sights.. ?

    So, the talk over the past 2 weeks was Jorginho of Hellas Verona, and in Italy they suggested we had, or would make a 7M bid. Figure we might have heard something concrete by now if true..

    Just read and translated this from Brazilian news: (Liverpool to Bid 15M on Bernard)

    "In 2012/2013, the 20 year old scored no less than 15 goals and provided 12 assists in league Futebol Brasileiro and Copa Libertadores. The youngster also played two cameos for the national side in Confed Cup against Italy and Uruguay.
    Bernard naturally plays as a left winger for Atletico Mineiro, a position occupied by his compatriot Phil Coutinho at Liverpool who has made instant impact at Anfield. However, the Atletico starlet shift flanks with equal effectiveness."

    "Liverpool interested in Grêmio's £5m-rated Matheus Biteco. The club were reportedly impressed with the defensive midfielder and are considering a £5m bid for the Brazilian according to the Liverpool Echo. Liverpool are thought to be looking to bolster their defensive options this summer and with Lucas Leiva their only recognised defensive midfielder, Matheus could be a long-term solution."

    Could be turning into the samba dance at Anfield this season if any of this is true. Especially if Bernard joins and is anything close to as good as Coutinho was, considering he's rated massively around Europe.

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    • Got to assume if there is truth to all these reports we've got ourselves a new scout(s) or someone has decided to spend a little more time in Brazil rather than Europe. Maybe this is one of the longer term impacts of BRs management coming through.

      It seems to me however in the past many Brazilians have had difficulty adjusting to the English style (they seem to thrive however elsewhere) but if we can have the success we've had in Lucas (who worked hard to adjust to English football) and what we've seen so far from Phillipe, then we could be on to a good thing.

      I'm all for a little Samba on the Mersey, although not to sure most kopites will bring their wives and girlfriends dressed up (or not dress maybe a better way of putting it) like the Brazilian female fans. Mind you, that might be a sight all to itself!

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      • Good comment on the scouting target, I hadn't even really considered that, and it makes perfect sense because you see so many unknown Brazilian players all over Europe, particularly, Italy, Portugal and Spain, where they make their names for themselves. And we wonder why we get fleeced on players, and other clubs/leagues have these gems.. Porto for example..

        As far as adapting, I actually think that notion they struggle in the EPL is a little outdated and linked to past years because of recent, and because of how they play in Brazil (and Brazil's style in Confed), is very fast & intense. Forget Coutinho, there's Oscar, Ramires, David Luiz, Sandro, Anderson, Rafael, Fabio, Cesar (maybe returning) and now Paulino to Spuds as well.. That's a seriously good list, and it's a matter of time before Bernard mentioned above, Damaio, Jorginho etc etc all make their way over..

        I'd like us to really continue the work done, and if these rumors are true it's fantastic for us, because again, clubs like Porto, Shakhtar, Benfica and several Serie A, have built themselves up shrewdly and very successfully, on bargain buys of these Brazilian gems, who also develop massive price returns!