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  • Who knows what is truth, what is exaggeration, and what is purely made up when it comes to the press reports, but despite all the speculation on a move, the club and BR seem to be fairly insistent they are in control of the situation.

    From what has been published I'd put the situation down as this: Arsenal are the only club to have actually bid at around 30M, but might raise this to 35 or even 40M. Real are being coy, but are either playing the long game hoping to #$%$ him up late in the window for less than 30M or are just toying with Suarez to provide cover for whoever they really are after.

    But additionally its often said that it takes one big move to happen to get the market moving; it frees up money for other deals, and or presents clubs with real need to secure players after they've lost out on a deal. The Cavani deal may have done this, however in the Suarez case it might have done the opposite. Yes Napoli now have cash and Real and Chelsea have to look elsewhere, but its also set a bar of 55M on which to gauge other players valuations. For me that makes the 30M bid look extremely low for a player with still 3 years left on his contract. Take into account how much Chelsea may have bid for Rooney and it only means the price tag for Suarez goes up even further.

    For me I would consider selling him abroad for the right price. But that price looks to be 40 or even 50M at a minimum when you look at the going rate. But I'd very much like to avoid selling him to a prem club. One I'd hate to play against him, but second it just makes no sense to sell him to a club we have to leapfrog in order to get back to the top 4.

    I know Suarez turns some fans off with his non footballing antics, but end of the day, he is one of the best strikers in the world, and selling him would severely hurt our chances of a top 4 spot this season. But I think the odds of him staying are increasing.

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    • Hi Dave

      I mentioned this a while ago - I think the club need to hang on for the right valuation or tell the player that he needs to stay another year. I'm pleased with BR's comments on the subject.

      Having said that, my suspicion is that we are simply waiting for the right fee and I'm waiting for Suarez to go on strike to force it!

      Wait and see I reckon.

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      • I think your right, if a minimum number is not met the club won't budge, and the figure of 50M has been mentioned after Cavani went for 55M. Personally I think a sit down with the player and telling him if Real come in for at least X, and before August 1, you can go, if not its one more year at Anfield with the option to go to any CL club next summer for X- something.

        That way he can go to Madrid if they really do value him, but one way or another after this season either with us or someone else he's guaranteed CL football the following season. He's only 26 so think he can wait one year without hurting his career. Question is will it hurt his ego?

    • Hiya Dave,

      Your ''absence of proof is not proof of absence'' remark has been proved to be true with regards to the earlier *Suarez to Arsenal links* by the tabloid.

      Apparently Arsenal have tabled a second bid in excess of £40m which activated a clause in Suarez's contract according to various reports this evening.

      I read on one of the Arsenal blogs that 'it means that Arsenal can negotiate personal terms and, if he agrees to them, then Liverpool are put in a #$%$ bargaining position as they’ll have a wantaway player on their hands'. Any idea if that is what the clause in his contract meant?