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    "EL Scouso" ? & Pre Season So far

    Pretty sure everyone's seen Martin Kelly in action by now, and his emulation of that famous hair do that made El Nino even more famous, but I'm not quite sure he's as pretty. Sterling's hair either for that matter, but I've nicknamed Kelly El Scouso

    Anyways, just curious on people's thoughts so far after the Preston match and today's match in Indonesia? Has anyone caught the eyes? For me, I've found both games very enjoyable, and quite good considering it's early doors, new players and the going against two teams with more conditioning at this stage. On top of that, compared to last summer where I was able to see almost all of it up close here, we look so much more cohesive and understanding, that it really means the world, and by end of August, we should be ready to fly out of the gates and not stutter like last, despite the brutal opening fixtures.

    Personally, I think Coutinho has been the best, Sterling a close 2nd, and Jordan Ibe just a shade in 3rd. Agger has looked absolutely magnificent as if he's just developed a new level, and Aspas has been a real livewire around the box, living up to some of the description of the Suarez type of pest... Luis Alberto looks so calm and clever on the ball, that I think he could play that 10 spot because of his passing vision and eventual finishing, and because Coutinho has made left his own.

    Kolo has been good, and seems first choice, however, I've thought Skrtel as looked very good partnering with Wisdom and in an ideal world, Martin and Agger would pair again. I've been impressed and unimpressed by Borini.. His movement, and getting in great spots has been fantastic, but his finishing has not. He just came off a very impressive showing in the U-20 Championships, so when given the chance, now's his time to seize it, or he'll be 4th at best. I think our fullbacks need work, Mignolet great when needed.. All in all very pleased so far!

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    • itWhile it is very early days, what has impressed me the most is the fitness levels of the lads. Yesterdays game was played in difficult conditions, but the boys looked like they had a lot left in the tank. Its great seeing the number of options Brendan now has, with a few more promised - its a shame about Sturridge being left behind!

      I'll focus on the new boys: Toure looks like he's played for us for years and its great seeing him barking orders and pointing and all that stuff. Mignolet has been pretty composed, but lets face it hasn't had much to do although his rocket man save showed his athleticism. I haven't seen much evidence of how good his kicking is yet. Aspas is a busy player isn't he? I think he'll enjoy the EPL and finally Alberto - well he obviously has the touch and vision but his passing is off (understandable). The thing is do you play him or Coutinho in the hole? It would be little Phil for me every day of the week. Apparently Alberto can play left so maybe he needs a stint there to get used to the game.

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      • It's really early, and not sure other than playing in the heat we've really had much of a challenge in order to set the bar. However I think seeing Coutinho really pick up where he left of is extremely reassuring. We all said he was class, but a little voice in the back of my head kept fearing he was too good to be true. But he really seems biting at the bit.

        As for who plays in the hole and who plays left, I actually think its a great problem that BR was hoping to have. Seems to me so long as the two of them (along with our other options like Sterling) build an understanding it really will not matter where they line up as BR will expect them to interchange, with the second striker wondering out to the channels, and the wingers cutting inside. For me last season when we had that fluidity across the front 3, is when we were at our best.

    • I have enjoyed what I have seen, obviously we were rather wasteful against the Indonesian's but Sterling and Coutinho have been fantastic so far. Agree with Dave on everything he said about Phil, it is always scary when your hopes are built up on a player going into their second season. Sterling looked so tired by xmas last year but he looks fitter, stronger, faster, he looks more like a young Michael Owen then a winger, his runs in behind are great to watch, PFA young player of the year contender coming right up!

      Kolo looks well positioned and I never realised how big or strong he was before, you are right, Kelly looks hilarious with that hair! Ibe is looking very fresh as well.