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  • Jason Jason Jul 22, 2013 23:50 Flag

    Aly Done Dealio

    Aly Cissokho supposed to be announced within the next 7 days..

    Amadeo Salvo - "He Will Sign for Liverpool next week"

    Valencia president (Salvo) said that Liverpool will bring the French international left back to Anfield on loan with a view to signing him permanently next summer.

    So, this is excellent news presuming I've not been duped. He's always been highly rated, and only lacking consistency, but he's faster and better going forward naturally then Enrique, so it provides real competition and depth, especially since Enrique operated up front on a few occasions last year, with some shockingly good end product.

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    • I think it looks likely, everywhere has been publishing the deal as an £850,000 loan fee for the season with an option to buy for £3.5m at the end of the season with a 'games played' trigger to automatically buy during the season. About time we had one of these deals instead of watching the Aqualani's get mucked around for us. He has been a very good player in the past, awesome at Porto, pretty tidy at Lyon but had a stinker last season for Valencia.

      I wouldn't agree that he is quicker then Enrique, the guy was close to being an olympic 100m sprinter! I think he would definitely provide serious competition, you would have to say that the full back positions would then be looking incredibly strong when you consider just as a 1st 3 options we have:

      RB: Johnson - Kelly - Wisdom
      LB: Enrique - Cissokho - Robinson

      I think though that we will likely see Robo and Wisdom go out on loan deals.

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      • Hey Hobs,

        Agree with you it's a great deal, and we're in good position once it's done at the fullback spot, especially considering Glen can play both, and for now, it seems Downing's staying and can also play LB.

        So far, Wisdom has only played exclusively at CB, which was his natural position in the academy and reserves, along with 3Lions youth, and he's actually looked very good, esp along Skrtel, so IMO, I don't think he'll go, especially if Coates doesn't improve/impress in the next few weeks.

        Wisdom did admirable last year at RB, but we could all tell it wasn't natural, as he ran like a bit of a duck, or someone with a load of #$%$ in their underpants, and his crosses left something to be desired, but his strength, heading and jumping were tops. If he progresses, especially as Kelly has said he's a natural RB and prefers it there, we've got ourselves 4 nice CBs, not counting Coates and his situation. Plus, while not something we'd want, but Aly, is close to 6 feet, and could play a left sided CB in a pinch if needed, or in a back 3. Enrique couldn't. I like Robbo, but he's inconsistent still. WIsh we still had Insua, and know you're with me there! Thanks Roy!!