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    John W. Henry's Reaction to Arsenal

    I happed to be awake until almost 4am US last night, and caught it right after it happened via Twitter. (There have been absolutely no reports indicating a hacked account or it not JWH)

    "What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates" - John W. Henry. @John_W_Henry

    This was in response to what I find as one of the most derisory attempts at causing unrest, as I can ever remember in the transfer market with Arsenal putting forth a 40,000,001, with the 1 pound, being above the 40M threshold requiring Liverpool to have a formal discussion / notification with Suarez, with him being able to have communication with them, but not forcing any release clause or firesale. LFC still hold all cards.

    If they want him, they can pay the 50-55M that Rodgers has indicated, or 45M + Giroud, or Podolski or Walcott. I don't see those latter happening, and now because Mr. Whinger has played with fire, and lost out on Higuain to Napoli, he must appease his critics and fans, and continue forward.

    I now hope and await a very satisfactory offer from Madrid, which allows us to rid of Suarez, add 2-3 players and time to find their targeted replacements, leaving Arsenal with absolutely nothing. End of. And I now hope we throttle Arsenal as badly as I could want vs MUtd.. They should offer the EPL 40M and 1 pound for a pretend trophy to put on their mantle before another decade passes..

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    • I know we differ on wanting Suarez go stay or go, but think you'll agree with most of this.

      My Transfer Dreams:

      Bale to Madrid, late in the transfer window draining Real's transfer budget but coming too late for Levy to spend his money.
      Rooney to Chelsea after July 31, meaning Moyes will have to pay a kings ransom for Fellani or look elsewhere.
      While still with Man U, they keep embarrassing themselves by each week between now and September raising their bid for Cesc by 5M but to no success, because Cesc actually wants to play for Barca
      Arsenal turned down by LFC turn to chase Rooney but are snubbed as he decides to go to West London, so Wenger starts trying to throw cash at every known name in Europe to no avail, while everyone looks on and laughs
      Suarez publicly comes out and says one day he'd like to play in Spain but is determined to leave LFC after we've won the league and CL again. He'll buckle down, not bite anyone, not say an offensive or colourful word all season, and will bang in 30 goals in the league (but still be snubbed by the PFA).

      City to win the league, Chelsea runners up, while Manchester sink to 3rd with speculation rife on the future of Moyes. We take 4th by 6 points, while Spurs and Arsenal fight out for a Europa spot.

      Yes I know you think I'm dreaming, but actually I got hold of Henry and he sent me a sample of what he thought might be burning up the emirates board room, and oh how happy I am now!!!

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      • Not sure anyone would disagree with you there in that scenario Dave, with the exception that maybe you take a few more hits, and we even manage a 3rd place finish, and somehow PSG goes bankrupt forcing them to offload EC7 to us in exchange for Suarez who would play in the French second division.

        Aside from the Cigars Mr.Whinger was smoking, which came as a gift from Fergie as a gesture for handing him Robin van Persie and the Prem Title last year, they either pay us 50M+, and asap, or they take a hike and sign some more 16 and 17 yo's from France while we tell Suarez to beg Madrid for an offer in excess of 40M + Alvaro Morata. Then we take that 40, buy Bernard, Eriksen, Soldado, Alderweireld and kick of this 2013/14 party right!

    • I do believe the answer to Mr Henry's question is 'White Widow'