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  • Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Jul 25, 2013 03:21 Flag

    Suarez makes his intentions clear!

    He came on as a sub, sauntered around, and looked totally uninterested.

    The p*ssed off look on his face never changed, before he came on, after the goal, and when he came off.

    He'll get a transfer, or sulk all season!

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    • I'd not read too much into body language. Not sure how many trans Pacific flights you've ever been on but his less than bubbly demeanor could be as much about tiredness as it was about sulkiness.

      Personally I'm more interested in what he says or does not say over the next week or so, what the club says, if he talks to Arsenal now he's allowed, if Arsenal raise their bid as they know no matter what the player wants, 40M plus a quid will not be acceptable by Mr. Henry, and lastly what if anything comes out of the Spanish capital, rather than guessing facts from someones body language.

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      • I'm in agreement with Dave on this one, I think people read too much into Suarez's body language few days ago. Yes, he looked a bit disinterested and didn't show too much emotion after assisting to create the 2nd Liverpool goal but who would against mighty Melbourne in a pre-season friendly?

        I think the most worrying news for Liverpool fans is the fact that Brendan Rodgers alluded to Suarez's desire to leave the club and the player didn't distanced himself from wanting to sign for Arsenal. Suarez has proven in the past that he's not afraid to force a move if he believes that his present club are messing about with him, he did the same thing at Groningen when they tried to deny him a move to Ajax. That should be more disturbing to read by Liverpool fans than his body language in a meaningless pre-season match with nothing riding on it, imo.

        Additionally, Marca, the Spanish daily sports paper, who have acted in the past as the unofficial mouthpiece of Real claimed that they aren't interested in Suarez, and I think there are alot of reasons to believe Marca's claim. Firstly, Bale is their #1 target and they need to save alot for next summer. Secondly, it's been widely reported that Suarez's image doesn't fit in with the way Real want their club to be seen in the wider world so I can't see them wasting money on him. They were forced to sell Higuain due to lack of playing time, investing in another high profile striker doesn't add up. Thirdly, Real have other pressing financial issues to deal with at present such as sorting out Cristiano Ronaldo's new contract extension which hasn't been finalised yet. Without a doubt, a move to the Spanish capital would have been the most ideal move for Suarez and LFC, but that move is unlikely to happen for a number of reasons.

      • Dave,
        Sorry to say, his body language says it all here in this instance, and while you can consider the travel and flight part of this, every time he goes away for international duty, he's been forced into 14,15,18-20 hour flights and travels, and Rodgers has always said the minutes he's arrived they couldn't keep him away from the pitch/training..

        The pics for two days in Australia of him training with the other lads showed several of him goofing around, laughing, rolling around and all the old things we see on LFC from last year, even an interview from Brad Jones saying how bubbly and funny he's been. The minute he stepped on that pitch, when he knew all eyes around the entire world would be focused on him, showed his true colors. When he set up the late goal for Aspas, he basically walked away without a single crack of a smile, shrugged off Aspas patting him on the head, Lucas patting him on the back and walked away very fast while others tried to celebrate with him, and a sour face. I recorded, watched and showed to friends over and over, so I'm not talking about some 4 second clip on Fox Soccer or a youtube. He KNEW, and he DID, exactly what everyone expected him to do.

        Not only is he miserable, but he's making it his best intention to let everyone know it, and feel sad for him. It was a sad, sad way to ruin the end of a magnificent event in front of 96,000 people in a sea of Red and the loudest YNWA of all time. Read John Aldo's comments on him and the matter..