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  • Gutted that we are losing a quality keeper and leader - SM has big shoes to fill and it's a big risk bringing in any keeper to a club with expectations & media coverage. Let's hope he's up to it.

    As for BR ...

    "From last season, really, as a manager I was led to believe that we were going to get an offer for Pepe that would probably see him leave the club. On the football side, we have to protect the team, and at that stage we started our search for another goalkeeper."

    Wasn't he quoted as saying that SM wasn't purchased as Reina's replacement?

    Good luck to Pepe & thanks for the service.

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    • I agree and I think we're going to miss him. Simon has looked good so far in pre-season, and I have no doubt quality wise he's a strong replacement, but I think we're also going to miss the leadership on and off the pitch that Pepe provided. In a season where we've also lost JC another natural leader, we need to make sure players step up, are vocal and lead the team from the back.

      I can understand the club ensuring we were covered as it looked very likely Pepe was off to Barca, so can't fault the club for bringing in cover. However at only 30 Pepe is still within his prime as a keeper so part of me wonders if it was a mistake letting him go. But it is what it is, and while I'd rather have seen Riena go out on a high note, rather than put out on loan waiting for Barca to pick him up next summer, I'll still wish him the best for the future.

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      • What is amusing to me about this is his indignant attitude when he says Brendan was out of order for punting him out to Napoli. He then shows his cake and eat it attitude by admitting that he was waiting for Barca to make an offer and then asking for a new contract if no offer came! So he gets a pay rise and then when Barca come calling next year he's off?

        I don't blame the club at all for getting rid of a player who is just biding his time to leave. Sounds like a recurring theme at the moment doesn't it?

        I've been saying it for a couple of seasons now - Pepe had gone stale and I'm glad we've got someone new who I have very high hopes for.