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  • Jason Jason Jul 29, 2013 12:34 Flag

    Frustration is growing..

    For me, while I was very pleased with just about everything in our tour of Asia, especially the 4 clean sheets, and some wonderful individual performances, I'm growing frustrated waiting for these 2-3 other names/players we're supposedly adding. We need another left back desperately, and it's the point of nausea with both Eriksen (and his camp) & Alderweireld almost want to pay their way to Liverpool. As for Alderweireld, some would say he's not as proven as Skrtel, but at 24, I think he's keen to prove it at a top level, and I just can't see Skrtel sitting the bench at 28, for all his skill and talent when in form. Kolo seems ahead, and while I'd hate it, it may be best for him to move on if we're really interested in Alderweireld or Papa..

    I've got to say, there must be a serious literacy and mathematical understanding problem over in North London, as I continue to read #$%$_nal preparing a 3rd bid of 42.5.. What is it about 51M they don't understand? Wenger has always been cheap and stubborn, but he's already caused unrest, anger and unsettled things, so he's just being ridiculous. Pay up, or Suarez stays until Madrid come calling. End of.

    I want to see us add whatever name it is that Rodgers hinted at "top end of the pitch", meaning attack wise, because so far Aspas has looked terrific, and if Suarez stays we still miss 6 games, and Sturridge is recovering and has always been made of paper mache'. Much like last summer here in the states where I was able to see live every day, Enrique has been diabolical, so whether it be Aly Cissokho, or now Malerenga from Benfica, we need left back depth and competition.

    Maybe I feel spoiled by the 4 additions and youth brought in right away, but I want all the ins and outs done asap because City, Chelsea, #$%$nal and Spurs, are all just about ready to go with what they've got, all maybe just looking to add 1 more for luxury, while we do need a bit more, while the Suarez saga drags.

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    • Just one question, Jason?

      For argument sake, lets say you went to your local Walmart and saw a pair of shoes you really like costing $164.95 , Ignoring the fact that you've set your heart on it, why would you pay more than the price tag? The point I'm getting at is we should wait for further clarification on what's written on Suarez's contract clause before criticising AFC. Obviously, the player's agent (Pere Guardiola) and AFC believe that a pound over 40M triggers something in Suarez's contract, lets wait for more clarification before jumping to conclusion.

      "#$%$_nal preparing a 3rd bid of 42.5."?
      It's #$%$ This is the same media who wrongly said that Arsenal's second bid was made up of 35m plus 7M add-on. As it turned out, the second bid is a pound over 40M.

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      • An UPDATE to back up the point I made earlier about wrong reporting by the press.

        The Daily Mirror claimed yesterday through one of their reporters (Steve Stammer) that "Arsenal to bid £42.5m for Liverpool's Luis Suarez - and hope transfer is done by Saturday".

        The evening John Cross of The Daily Mirror is reporting that "Arsenal's Luis Suarez transfer bid to remain at £40million as debate over contract clause continues".

        Which sort of contradicted their earlier report on the Suarez's saga.

        What this shows is people should take what's being reported with a generous pinch of salt until we hear from the clubs.

    • I think we maybe looking at a bit of a log jam with the movement of some key players needing to happen before other deals can happen. For us till we sort out the Suarez situation one way or another we really don't know how much we have to spend and therefore who we should be going for. Yes its clear for example we need to go for a LB but with a few extra quid in the pocket maybe who we go for changes from who we'd target if Suarez stays.

      But the same might be true for other clubs, and there is of course is a knock on effect. Bale seems to the biggest story at the moment, and if he does go to Madrid it will obviously have a major ripple effect on the transfer market. Many of those who were thought to be targets for Madrid may become available (can't assume even they have that much to spend!) and of course Spurs I'm sure will want to find replacements with their new found wealth. If he does not go, then other players for Madrid may enter the frame (Suarez for example) while those targets Spurs has been chasing may get wrapped up early (Soldado) as they know they cannot squeeze extra Bale money out of the deal (or they could look to other clubs like ourselves who suddenly become cash rich).

      So I agree its frustrating but it maybe a situation where everyone is waiting for everyone else to blink. Personally I'd hope we get our back line sorted. Even if we end up with money still in the bank come 1 September we need to start the season with a solid and well organized back line, and we can always use the money to re-enforce come January. But I might be willing to risk not going for a man up top till I know what is going to happen with Suarez. Yes there is the risk we enter the season if Suarez does leave without a recognized striker again, however the difference in quality of player we can get on our current budget for a back up striker, compared with what we could afford with money from a Suarez sale for a number 1 striker is significant.

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      • Dave,
        When I mention the addition for the top of end of the pitch like Rodgers had said, I'm not really so much focused on striker per say, because if you look at all the names we've been linked with, or pursued, they've been more the attacking support players, or wide players. Case in point, Rodgers desire and disappointment with not getting a chance to sign Mkhitarayan.. So far I think he's got a few goals and assists..

        So, in the meantime, everyone worth noting, including the Ajax coach and Chairman have mentioned Christian Eriksen coming to LFC with their blessing, and we all have seen him for about 3-4 years now.. Maybe BR knows something we don't, but I'd love to know what it is.. And again, patience in this regard, the transfer market, is not a virtue of mine, though if we were to get Eriksen, he'd fit right in, even at the 25th hour..

        The Suarez thing doesn't really complicate things too much because there is no like for like player, nor anyone worth spending that much on, but rather 2-3 players, and they've said they do have contingency plans. Whether Soldado, as reported in Spain, really is one, who knows, but he's just about off to Spuds it seems, so I'm just really curious who they might be, and we actually do have the funds now, so it might not hurt so bad anyways, considering Suarez missing 6, Sturridge ankle, and what may happen in January window, when Suarez gets a 20 game ban in his first game back..

    • Not sure if this is worthy of a new thread, but this seems to be the current transfer rumor thread so posting this here. With the news of young Robinson going on a season long loan to Blackpool coming today, does this raise the chances we'll see a new LB being signed very soon? I think Melgarejo from Benfica was being talked about for a loan deal, so wondering if he's still in the frame, or if other possibilities are out there. If we do bring someone in on loan, maybe its a matter to decide next summer if Robinson is ready in which case he gets the nod, if not we buy the player loaned to us, or if we are top 4, we then spend money on really upgrading in that position.