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  • Jason Jason Jul 31, 2013 22:02 Flag

    Luis Suarez TRUE Worth to Arsenal..

    Read an article about the Suarez, with regards to Arsenal, confirming all of the 40M an 1 pound portion etc etc., which also states that Liverpool will / would be seeking 51M - 55M, BUT still may not sell him at all.. That part is up to the club, so the interesting part in the article I found, was the total cumulative worth, and why it will show what Arsenal are really trying to accomplish, or won't accomplish.

    Assuming Liverpool sell him for 50M to Arsenal, the goons and Whinger, then have to put him on (more or less) 150K wages, which would presumably be higher than what he's on now, not only smashing (by double) their transfer fee record, but also their wage record and structure, which they adhere to so tightly, like Jose Mourinho and his arrogant ego. In the process, that would probably upset a player or two, such as Walcott, who wanted to be central striker and earn 150K, but that aside, with the wages he would earn, on top of some signing on fees, playing time and achievement bonuses, other clauses, agent fees, and anything to do with imaging, the article suggested his worth to them, all said and done, would be in excess of 72M-74M Pounds+

    So, is Arsene Whinger really going to fork over his entire budget for this summer, perhaps January, to shatter all the wage structures he's created, while pinning his hopes on making 4th spot by 4 points instead of 2, and maybe a trip to the final 8 instead of 16, on a player who won't even be available for 6 games?? OR, as John W. Henry asked.. What was he smoking? Thank god for the Bale saga.. though this isn't over yet I fear.

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    • You know Jason this makes a lot of sense. I've really been struggling on why Wenger seems to be suddenly all about spending money on established players like his pursuit of Suarez and Rooney when this goes against everything he's ever done in the transfer market before. Yes people change, but usually its tactical changes, not a full 180.

      Now I have no evidence to back this up, other than it being a hunch, but I'm wondering if in fact this is all a show or a smokescreen by Arsenal. For the last several years Wenger has been criticized for not being aggressive in the transfer market. He's bought either unknown kiddies, or from the middle shelf, while at the same time, those players he's developed into truly top shelf players have left the club. It's got to the point where even the Arsenal faithful have been vocal, not just the usual pundits and opposing fans always ready with a dig at the old professor.

      So could this be his public answer to those critics? You want me to throw money around, you want me to make a big show in the summer, so who better to go after than two of the best known strikers in the league, Rooney and Suarez. He may have no intention of actually making a purchase, but wants to make a big show of being seen to be shopping at the expensive end of the market. So while Fab, RVP leave because Arsenal won't invest, and Walcott makes a big stink about not getting 100K a week, Wenger is now saying 250K a week for Rooney, or 40M+ for Suarez is not a problem. It just does not seem to add up, which logic suggest means it does not add up, because he's not really looking to buy, but just be seen to be keeping up with the big boys.

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      • I don't really see it like that Dave. Arsenal built an incredible stadium and it cost £400m. Over the last 7 years, Arsenal have qualified for the champions league every season selling their best players and buying in youth at a huge profit, everybody knows about their matchday takings and business wise, they are an incredibly run club. This summer has seen Arsenal completely pay off the Emirates and they no longer have the annual burden of making payments of around £60m so no longer do they need to cap their wages or sell their best players but they have a warchest to spend and they will every window from now on in.

        Of course, for them, having money is a new thing and Wenger has become a bit of a tight #$%$. They may well pay way over the odds for somebody soon just to get them over the line to make a statement. To be honest, I get the impression that they will really come to the fore over the next couple of years, lets hope that Suarez is not the beggining of it all.