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  • Jason Jason Aug 5, 2013 22:41 Flag

    Downing Going, Skrtel Going & my 3rd attempt at a player Post (Dislike you Yahoo)

    For whatever the hell reason, yahoo has deleted my same post, written separately twice now, for no reason I can understand, other than maybe me including a clip/link to a youtube video..

    Stewart Downing has been made available for purchase for 8M, along with his 93K weekly wages. He had said he's staying no matter what, however, he's slowly been phased out completely, and 5th choice winger, even further down when playing a 4-3-3, where Suarez/Aspas/Sturridge/Alberto/Borini can all play wide.

    Via Italia, Napoli have reached an agreement to bring Martin Skrtel in on loan..? My 2 questions are, #$%$? and #$%$? He had a few clangers last year, but in preseason he's been impeccable, but to Toure's credit he has two, so why not at least have 3 top cbs? LLori of Sporting seems to be a dead one now, Alderweireld off to every club in Europe but us, and Papadopolous rumor of loan coming in w/ view to buy for 13M, but off a torn knee ligament. Above all else, if Skrtel is to go, why not just sell? He's worth 12-15, and his value will go down with a year, even worse if he does in fact end up at Napoli and not adapt there.. I don't get the loan.

    We have to get involved in chasing Erik Lamela of Roma.. We've made 2 not so great purchases from them, should have been De Rossi instead of Aqua, and Lamela instead of Borini. I asked John Henry on twitter to buy him. He's my new "Cavani" (not like for like), as in a Serie A player I'll be watching. He's got absolutely blistering pace, plays both wide spots w/ incredible dribbling and ball control, and through the center with fantastic finishing skills, and only 21! If you've not hear of or seen him, have a look! His tag is about 25M pounds, and ironically as I've been trying to post about him a few days now, since the Bale saga has turned, and Suarez lingered, magically Spuds & Arsenal are wanting him as a key target now. He's an Argentine wizard, with World Class all over him! Forget Diego Costa, blah! LAMELA!!

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