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    An interesting unbiased article on Suarez - Highly recommended reading

    Liverpool fans are embarrassing themselves with Luis Suarez - opinion by talkSPORT's website editor Craig Bloomfield

    Liverpool fans giving Luis Suarez a standing ovation during pre-season aren't showing their class, as Brendan Rodgers has claimed, but embarrassing themselves.

    Like a jilted lover desperately begging a cheating partner not to leave, pleading that all will be forgotten if only they will stay, these Liverpool fans are casting aside dignity because they fear losing the object of their affections.

    The latest round of applause came during an open training session held in front of fans at Anfield this week, when Suarez was given more rousing backing.

    “Luis was probably humbled by the reception,” said Rodgers, speaking after Steven Gerrard's testimonial, in which Suarez received loud cheers upon entering as a substitute. Yeah, probably. He probably wasn't humbled enough to want to stay at Anfield, however, so why should Liverpool supporters cheer him like he's desperate to play for a club that they pay plenty of money to go and watch?

    This is no complaint about Suarez. He is entitled to want to leave, if he so wishes, and unless you are the most blinkered Kopite, it is obvious that Luis Suarez would like to leave Liverpool. By cheering him to the rafters, Liverpool supporters are no doubt doing their best to convince the Uruguayan to change his mind, but applause from fans of a team that represents but a chapter in his career surely won't be much of a concern when he considers his future?

    Suarez can rely on being cheered by the fans of whichever club he plays for. Likewise, a man of his experience is hardly likely to worry about being booed by fans in the future.

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    • I disagree with this heavily. The likelihood is that he leaves, yesterdays interview states that 100% clearly and finally. The manager wants him to stay, the players want him to stay and we want him to stay. The manager and players have tried bending his ear and now it is are turn to do so as well. For all that people say about him, if we were in the Champions League he wouldn't be looking to get out, he had an agreement to leave so we should let him as long as it is not to a rival. What would the media say if the LFC fans had booed him at the match? "LFC fans rage at Suarez". "LFC fans turn on Luis", it is just nonsense, who would we help by doing that? He would then be able to say the fans dont want him anymore and give him even more grounds and reason to leave, the support for him is best for the football club be it in terms of him staying or helping to maintain his value.

      It still bugs me a little that Michael Owen is treated as a hate figure yet Mcmanaman is not, it is just very fickle sometimes and at the end of the day, if you aren't up their challenging, players will want to leave if we aren't bringing in the signings in to get us there. People make a lot of keeping your best player at the club but we havent finished in the top 6 with him in the side so maybe we shouldnt be so worried.

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      • Apologies for *doing a Suarez* (i.e. going back on my words NOT to post here again until the Suarez dust settles).

        This is why.......
        I read an article today by former Anfield legend John Barnes which basically summed up the point I made about the excessive adulation of Luis Suarez perfectly.

        Below is an extract of the article by Barnesy..........

        "Barnes said a common problem with modern-day footballers was that they often had an inflated opinion of themselves born out of fans’ adoration.

        On his last two public appearances – Steven Gerrard’s testimonial on Saturday and an open training session on Monday – Suarez was cheered by fans.

        That depth of feeling is unlikely to be repeated in the wake of recent developments.

        “Why are you so surprised? This situation has been going on for years,” said Barnes, just voted seventh – two places behind Suarez – in the club website’s ’100 players who shook the Kop’ online poll.

        “This is the future of modern football we have created. The media and especially the fans have empowered players too much to make them feel that a) they are better than their team-mates and b) they’re better than their clubs.

        “We’ve seen it at Arsenal where so many players have left because Arsenal cannot match their ambitions, and the fans are the ones who have created this superstar culture whereby you’ve separated the team and the superstars to feel more important than the club.

        “What has empowered him (Suarez) and the likes of (Fernando) Torres is they feel the team is losing not because of them but because of their team-mates.".

    • Firstly, thanks for a great post MCMX...

      On the actual article, I agree wholeheartedly with Dave's initial reply. I do think, however, that the article makes a good point about football fans in general. I have no problem with Suarez wanting to move on to improve his career - it's his life and presumably that's how we signed him in the first place. I have some issues with how he's going about it but I don't expect loyalty from him or any other player. All I ask is that players give everything while they are at the club (Suarez has). I don't agree with fans who hate Owen & Torres for daring to move on but at the same time berate Downing for daring to stay and fight it out. Of course, Liverpool fans are far from unique in this.

      Regarding Stevie's comments - again I agree with Dave. His general point was right - Liverpool's chances of getting into the top four this season very much depend on Suarez staying. As for replacing him ... of course everyone is replaceable over a period of time but Liverpool aren't in a position to attract the quality needed to do so in the short term (unlike the two clubs in your example). Look at the Mkhitaryan transfer as evidence of this.

      On the player himself, a game is being played. Suarez and his agent are doing everything possible to engineer a move away from Liverpool at a price that interested clubs will pay. Liverpool do have some cards to play - Suarez has 3 years left on his contract and we are heading into a WC year. If Suarez throws a moody and is left training with the kids, that won't help him either. I hope that the club stand firm. Suarez can go at the market rate and not a penny less (as I'm sure he's been told). I see him as a similar to Tevez - if he's still a Liverpool player at the end of the window I think he'll do what he always does on the pitch. The press interviews, the not celebrating his assist etc - they're all just part of the dance imo.

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      • Many thanks to all the posters who took their precious time to post on this very divisive topic.

        Sadly, with the latest development on the on-going Suarez saga, I won't be able to participate in the discussion anymore. Any further remark by me could be easily misconstrued by some posters as siding with Suarez or being biased because of my allegiance to AFC.

        Best of luck for the new season and thanks again for taking the time to post.

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      Anyway, do Liverpool supporters need to worry so much about him leaving? Suarez has been prolific on the pitch since signing in January 2011, but not without causing the club problems. Besides which, when he arrived at Anfield, Liverpool were seventh. Last season, Liverpool finished seventh.

      Elsewhere, I have stated that selling him to a direct Premier League rival, Arsenal, would be a mistake, but it is the job of Liverpool's management, who do have Suarez under contract after all, not to sell to the Gunners.

      You've got to leave it to FSG, hope they do what is best for the club and concentrate on supporting the team.
      If Suarez is part of that team when the season kicks off and does his bit, fine, cheer any contribution and effort in those games, but don't sacrifice respect for Liverpool's support by metaphorically throwing yourself at one player's feet.

      Save your breath and sing the name of Liverpool Football Club instead because, unlike Suarez, it's been going nowhere for too long.

      What do you think? Comment below…

      [Opinion expressed by] talkSPORT's website editor Craig Bloomfield [who] discusses the support shown to Luis Suarez in Liverpool's pre-season…

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      • The author may rightly accuse kopites of being blinkered, but why would you expect fans of any club not to be biased toward their own team and players? As for embarrassing themselves I think the author is welcome to his opinion, but I just don't agree. While in Asia Gerrard, Suarez and a few others got notable increases in volume from the crowd when they made appearances on the side lines or made what the crowd determined good plays. By the logic that the LFC faithful are embarrassing themselves for audibly supporting a player who is not more interested in his own future rather than the clubs should he not also suggest the Arsenal fans (or wherever Suarez goes, if he goes) should also not support him as he's a player obviously more interested in his own personal career rather than the club he's playing for at that moment in time. Actually that same logic could be levied at the vast majority of footballers playing the game professionally.

        Personally I find it more fickle (and therefore embarrassing) when supporters who once cheered for a player suddenly send that same player to Coventry because what they should have know about the player before hand is actually thrown in their faces. For example Mancs had no problem throwing lots of love at Rooney even thought they knew he was a bluenose who moved to Utd not out of love but for more money and the chance to play on a bigger stage. Now he's reached a cross roads in his career and he see;s Chelsea as a better place to ply his trade, he becomes a villain. Rooney has not changed, its just the blindfold of the Mancs has been removed, surely that is more embarrassing.

        But why shouldn't the LFC supports try to encourage one of their best players to stay by showing him some support. If Suarez is only interested in Money and or CL football, it won't work. But if he's also interested in being appreciated for what he does, it just might. So why not show him what we think of him and let the chips fall where they will