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  • Loki Loki Aug 7, 2013 08:10 Flag

    Suarez's latest comments

    3 questions I would love to ask him:

    1) Why did you sign a new contract then?
    2) Why did you go on about being here for many years?
    3) why didn't your idiot advisers put a specific clause in your contract? The club would have had to let you go by now.

    To be honest, this is becoming so tedious. He must be gutted Real are buying Bale!

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    • Hey Loki

      You're right of course but you're making the mistake of dealing in logic.

      The way I see it is that this interview is just another way of ramping up the pressure on Liverpool to sell at less than the market rate (as Liverpool see it).

      If he actually goes through with his threat and hands in a request, it will be an escalation of that pressure.
      If that happens, I hope the club come out and say in public what I'm sure they are saying in private. Namely ...

      "Suarez has made a formal request to leave the football club and as such we are willing to sell him to anyone who bids £55m (or whatever value we place on him). In the event that a bid of this size is not forthcoming, Suarez will be a Liverpool player next season"

      In other words, stand firm over Suarez, not just for the sake of £15m but to set down a marker for all future such negotiations (Coutinho next year for example). The FSG way seems to be to uncover future stars and let them use Liverpool as a showcase in return for improving the team. In which case, we are going to face more and more of these situations in the future. We can't be viewed as being a soft touch going forward.

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      • You're damn right Paddy. Don't sign a four year contract then try and #$%$ off a year later with this verbal promise #$%$ If it isn't in black and white, it never happened! With regards to future contracts, I think these boys might actually have some intelligence and will make sure each one is bomb proof from now on.

    • For me the comments were a turning point. Until yesterday I held out hope the club, and the reaction he got from the fans were persuade him that moving to Arsenal is nothing but a sideways move. But unless he steps up with real contrition I think he may have burnt a lot of bridges with people.

      However I still think we should not sell to the gunners, as you just don't strengthen your competitors as your own expense. If a foreign club comes in for him fine, otherwise I'd use the threat of rotting in the reserves the season before a world cup to try to change his mindset. Paying him not to play may still be better than seeing him play for a competitor.

      But as you've said before, and I agree, he stays unless we get a market offer bid. Same thing goes for December and next summer. Market rate maybe lower then based on the fact he's worked some of his contract down, but we should not give away players, especially to our competitors.