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  • Loki Loki Aug 8, 2013 23:08 Flag

    Well done John Henry!

    I absolutely love the way the club have dealt with the 'situation.' This 'don't f*ck with us, you're just an employee' is the way to go. I think he knows he has made a severe miscalculation and if I were him, I'd sack my agent immediately. It's great to see we aren't a soft touch any more.

    What is going to be interesting is if we start really well in the league, after 6 games Suarez might struggle to get back in the team!

    I would also love it if Arsenal don't make it into the CL proper - I suspect the silence from Suarez's camp would be deafening.

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    • I agree Loki. Normally under these circumstances where a player wants out, the club puts up a good fight but hints that at the right price the player can get what he wishes. But with us, it seems the stance just becomes stronger and stronger each time Suarez or his people say something else to try and engineer a move. Who knows if Henry will cave or not if a significant bid from a foreign club comes in, but is sure does not sound that way.

      Assuming he does stay I think he will struggle to make the first 11, but only as long as this attitude is one foot out the door. I thought Carra's comments on sky were telling about him not being the same Luis he knows when he trained with him last week. But ever the optimist he thought there was a road back if he wants to take it.

      If Fenner beats Arsenal, which is not an unlikely scenario, they are the Europa league semi finalists, and have plenty of experience as a club, and with a handful of veteran players, on how to get a result in Europe, and no other CL club puts in a bid, I think we'll see Luis walking back up that road with his tail between his legs.

    • Arsenal have just drawn Fenerbache, obviously, they should win but they probably thought that when Galatasaray smashed them out of the Emirates cup! Dirk Kuyt and Raul Mereiles, do your jobs!

      I think we have to be a bit careful with the whole Suarez thing, it is one thing being bullish, it is another when they start saying things like "other clubs would have thrown him to the garbage" and "we supported him when in some others eyes maybe we shouldnt", it is like saying, we dont actually suport him, we are just doing it because he is our best ball kicker! The clever move for Luis now will be to shut up, sack his agent and blame it all on bad advice, then buy a house in Madrid next summer, if they will let him in. Also, he could always bite Jose Mourinho to try and get banned forever.

    • Loki
      lets see how many ''plastics'' on here now agree with you, all their sitting on the fance comments and supporting that shower of sh yte will now prove what armchair fans they truly are...........isn't that right steerage...???

    • I think you're right on the Henry comments - it sounds like he has taken a stand which can only be a good thing for the club going forward (even if it costs us 6/12months of wages and a reduced transfer fee). The FSG model means that we will see more and more of these situations develop (Coutinho next year maybe) - it's vital that the club make a stand over Suarez.

      The big question is, when puch comes to shove, will he 'walk the talk' or will he cave?

      On reading his quotes, I suspect he will stick to his guns - I hope he does.