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    new recruits

    the two guys have done everything bar buy shell suits with black curly wigs and do Harry Enfield scouse impressions in their "disguised " desire to come to LFC.
    Do we want them to go to Spurs? Over two weeks ago Bucky said the next purchases would be new first teamers, and I think anyone who watched pre season know we need an extra centre half and that bit of something different further up the pitch.
    Up to now the money we've spent has been generated through sales, surely there must be more?
    If Downing is going (and I think £6 mill is too low) I hope Ince is the replacement, although don't be surprised if it's Scott Sinclair.
    Finally , Borini, I do really really want him to succeed but again from pre season's showings I can't see it.
    Best to sell him back to some Italian club and take a punt on Jordan Rhodes. He scores goals which is what we need.
    I don't understand this obsession with all things foreign. Holt, La fronde, Lambert, all were said to be unsuitable for the premier and all proved themselves in lower leagues before the step up.
    Yet we seem content to take a risk and a financial one at that with anyone simply because their name ends in a vowel!

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    • I agree that we definitely need cover at the back, 2 in particular. A CB because clearly Coates doesn't figure into any plans with 0 mins played in 2, and a left back who we seem to agree terms with, and then don't sign every day. And of course up front.. Eriksen is everything we'd need and want.. Sinclair is off to West Brom, though I would have wanted him, but other names have been mentioned. Agger to Barca is now a worry

      As for the European/Foreign players vs British.. over 40% of the EPL is comprised of foreign players, and when you look at the teams in the top 4, only United seem to boast any real depth in class .. and as for us and players not ending in vowels, do Carroll, Adam, Downing, Allen (jury out) Henderson (improving vastly), Cole, Konchesky of the past 2+ years equal a whole lot to our cause? Jordan and Allen aside, nope.

      When England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland all win the world cup or euros, then we can raid the sqauds like Mardid, Bayern, Barca, Dortmund, Chelsea, City, Juventus all do .. for now, I think we shop in Europe where the best players in the world are found, and want to play in the EPL.

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      • Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but when I look at the full transcript a couple things pop out at me as potential reasons why some deals are not yet done:

        "The players that we've brought in have added great depth and support to the team, but I think for us now, that little bit of quality could really set us up for an exciting season."

        Does that mean what's come already are just squad players, while the next signing(s) will be a clear starter. If so then maybe at least one of the pair at Ajax is just the back up plan and we're actually going for someone else.


        "No question, Coutinho's best position is the No.10.

        "And once we get the right kind of quality to put on the sides, he will play in that central role. That is where he affects the game best."

        So are we going for a right sided attacker rather than what I'd assumed would be an upgrade on Downing? If so, who are the likely candidates: Big name or at least proven quality, and right sided rather than left sided attacker to allow PC to take the true number 10 role?

      • how much are u lookig for for a def

    • There seems to be some kind of log jam preventing obvious targets coming in. BR has clearly stated he's still after a LB and someone else up front and potentially more, so why these have not be done is beyond me. I assume we have money on the bank, and the owners have not been shy to spend before they sell in the past, so I got to assume it is something else slowing things down, such as waiting for something else in the market to move before we can make our move.

      On the foreign players in addition to Jason's comments on the relative class divide between British and Foreign players, which I agree with, I think you also have to consider the value issue. Simple fact is British (or those we can define as homegrown) almost always come at a premium compared with imports.

      But end of the day while there is quality to be found in domestically produced players, often they flatter to deceive. I mean you mention Holt, who to be fair has done well to progress from the lower leagues, however while doing well at Norwich, and getting talked up for an England call up, the reality is he's now at Wigan, a Championship club, for a reason. I hope I'm wrong about Lambert, but do you really think one season of shining at a newly promoted side is proof he's a great player? Yes those on Fleet street are salivating over him, but there is a reason why none of the established, or those attempting to break into the top 4 are going for him.