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  • Hobitez Hobitez Aug 13, 2013 12:28 Flag

    Predictions thread 13/14 season matchday 1

    For any of you guys who didnt play last year, the rules are simple, predict the scorelines for the fixtures, if you get the correct result you win 1 point, if you get the exact scoreline you get 2 points. As defending champion (sorry Brad!) I thought I best put a defence of the crown in! A load of people left last year after Eurosport had a logging in problem and some people didn't pick up points so it would be nice to get a bigger league in this year as it is a clean slate.

    Liverpool v Stoke City 2-0
    West Ham v Cardiff City 2-1
    Sunderland v Fulham 1-0
    Norwich City v Everton 2-2
    West Brom v Southampton 1-0
    Arsenal v Aston Villa 3-1
    Swansea City v Man United 1-1
    Crystal Palace v Tottenham 1-2
    Chelsea v Hull City Tigers 4-0
    Man City v Newcastle 2-0

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