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  • Jason Jason Aug 14, 2013 11:41 Flag

    Suarez Indirect Apology & Change (or his newest lie)

    I don't believe one word from this guy (Suarez, not the reporter) has to say to the media or anyone else, until he proves me wrong. Up until this point, he's done nothing to make me feel any other way, so until I see him back later this week from Internationals and at Melwood, with a statement from LFC, Rodgers, or himself, I don't believe a world of it, and think it's all just part of him leading up to whatever's next..

    From Tokyo, while training with Uruguay, while speaking with Uruguayan Football Journalist:
    ATENCIÓN. Luis Suárez me confirma que no se ira de Liverpool. El apoyo de los hinchas en las últimas semanas influyeron en la decision.

    Translation: He (Suarez) has told me the support he has received from fans has influenced the decision, and will not seek a move to leave Liverpool anymore this summer.

    James Pearce of the Echo is now reporting the same.. Now obviously Henry squashed anything he could hope for, so now he's just trying to win the supporters back, but I'll be happily proven wrong in saying that if we're not 3rd, 4th, or 5th come January, this starts over again.. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but at this point, he's like the little boy who cried wolf, and now playing a guilty card.. I still hope that we can send him to Spain or Germany for another proper # 9.. But that's me..

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    • To be honest I'm not sure we are really that far away from exactly where we were last summer, but with two simple differences.

      Last summer Suarez considered leaving to find football at a club where he could realize his dreams of playing at the highest level, but was persuaded by the new coach and the club as a whole to stay with the club to try to fight for a top 4 position, and in return he got a pay rise (new contract) and he thought a get out clause in case the efforts on the pitch failed.

      We really look to be back to that exact same place, except we assume this time round Suarez is going to get better legal council in terms of his get out clause, and we've had a birds eye view of how the sausage is actually made. We may now have a more dim view of Suarez, and the illusion that he was going to be a single club man is gone (for anyone who actually believes any footballer will be a one club man), but effectively the player is the same, the club is going about its business in the same way, so not sure we as fans should really change.

      Will I look on him differently, of course. Will I not be surprised if he's off next summer if Real actually show an interest, not at all. But just like last summer I'm glad we have a truly world class player to lead the line. Assuming he puts his all in when on the pitch (and my expectations are that he will) then I'll soon forget how disgusting a process it is to actually make a sausage, but simply enjoy that sausage!

    • You forgot that he would be happy to sign a new contract! Yeah, with a new release clause in it!! Cheeky b@stard.

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      • Hi Loki. That's par for the course. Bottom line is that it wouldn't bother me if he did sign a new contract with a release clause in it - as long as that matches the clubs valuation then it would avoid these problems in a years time. It's understandable that Suarez wants CL footy - if we can't provide it then we should let him go at the right price with our blessing. Seems to me that's the best way of getting the most out of him this year.

    • Hi Jason

      I too wait for it to be confirmed but, if true, then I'm happy to have him back.

      We don't have the ability at the moment to replace him with someone of the same quality (we are struggling to attract the 3 first teamers that BR talked about a few weeks back let alone someone who is world class). He/his agents handled the whole thing poorly but my guess is that's water off a ducks back to him. If he stays for another 6 months/year, I reckon he'll give his all on the pitch and that's fine by me.