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  • Paddy Paddy Aug 15, 2013 07:50 Flag

    Is it Suarez or us who are wrong?

    Presumably we sold Suarez a "project" which involved Champions League football when he signed. He's given his all for the club when on the pitch but it hasn't worked out for a number of debatable reasons. He has no affinity to LFC beyond that so is he wrong to want to leave the club and further his ambitions elsewhere?

    As for how he's gone about it ... at this moment in time he has made it clear he wants out & the club have made it clear they are not selling him. He has not refused to play or train as far as I'm aware. So why is it that a number of supporters who previously idolised him now hate him? Isn't it our problem that we transfer our passion & life-long commitment to the club we support onto our best players and get upset when our expectations are shown to be delusional?

    And, for the future, presumably we have attracted/have tried to attract players by selling the same "project" (Coutinho/Mkhitaryan/Costa). I guess we may be faced with being a stepping-stone club for a few years yet.

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    • I think its a good point Paddy, we have to realize that the vast majority of footballers have little real affinity to their clubs other than the fact they are their employers. So on that level I cannot be too harsh on Suarez for wanting to move on, just as I'd not be harsh on a young manager looking to further his career by changing companies to get more experience, more money, or a chance to become a senior manager.

      However, just like the rest of us, there is a way to leave a company, and there is a way to leave a club. Most of us don't sign long term contracts with our employers, so maybe its not a perfect analogy, but I think most of us don't do all we can to annoy our current boss and customers in order to move to the competition.

      Now maybe there was a promise, if memory serves Merielles also complained about a broken promise (over a new contract) when he left. But for me its just another excuse to try to worm out of the commitment made last summer. If Suarez was able to get a promise from BR, then why was it not documented in the paperwork signed with the club?

      But end of the day when there is a contract its there to protect both sides of the transaction. Last summer it gave LFC the confidence our best player would be around for a while, and it gave Suarez a nice pay day. But if a contract is to be modified, or canceled both sides have to agree, and while I do think we'd sell Suarez for the right price, and to a club we don't directly compete with (Real for example) selling to Arsenal for less than the club think he's worth would hurt us both financially and from a football perspective, so no one should be surprised the club has dug its heals in to protect itself.

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      • Hi Dave

        I agree that the club are 100% right to look after their interests - it's just that I don't think we should hate Suarez for trying to look after his own. I think the club handled it very well up to the demand from BR for an apology - I think that was an emotional response and one which makes it harder to both sides to climb down.

        As for the 'promise' - I agree that it's very odd that it isn't in writing. That said, some conversation took place otherwise what was the 'clause with no meaning' there for? Maybe a genuine misunderstanding or maybe BR said to LS "that the club won't wear it in the contract but I'll give you my word that I'll sell you if we don't get CL"? To be fair to BR, he has categorically denied it so it is likely it's the former.