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  • Paddy Paddy Aug 15, 2013 12:44 Flag

    Nothing Imminent???

    "Rodgers did talk briefly about potential signings says that "nothing was imminent" before adding that he still hopes to bring in one or two more signings before the end of the transfer window."

    Anyone else worried? What happened to the three first teamers he was talking about a few weeks ago?

    So, if this is right, then we start the season less Suarez, Pepe, Downing, Shelvey with the addtion of Toure, SM, Aspas & Alberto (with all four purchased to improve the competitiveness of the squad rather than being first teamers). Is that an improvement & does anyone think that is enough to go from 7th to 4th? How does that compare with the squads of Tottenham, Arsenal & Everton for example?

    For me, I hope that BR is pulling the wool over our eyes or I think that we will be 7th/6th at the end of the season. If that happens the BR/FSG revolution is over from my point of view.

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    • It's potentially worrying Paddy, but to be honest the managers press conference is one of the last places I'd look for hard information on if a deal was imminent or not. BR, correctly imo, is highly unlikely to tell is a deal is going on until the ink has actually dried on the contract.

      But I do think we need to bring in at least 2 more, and sooner the better. Obviously even if they announced a deal today a new player would not likely impact the opener against Stoke, and I think we should have enough now for that game, and Villa. The league cup match should be an opportunity for the youngsters so again not in critical need for new recruits.

      However I would like to have some quality in the side before September, and early enough so they can actually be integrated into the first team by the time we have to face Utd and Swansea, which I think will be our toughest out of the first 6 or so games.

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      • So first one's almost in ... seems like BR was bluffing!

      • I agree Dave - like you say, he's not about to announce targets in a press conference. Fingers crossed eh?

      • For what it's worth, I "believe" we have finally signed, or are finalizing the deal for the left back / left wing back Siquiere from Granada.. I could be wrong, but I'm finding it alot in the Spanish news where I prefer to go, as I always note..

        Interestingly enough, aside from his apparent quality at Left Back, he was a converted attacking right winger who cuts in on his left, like Aspas etc., and in his time in La Liga, has 19 goals in 90 games, which is impressive for a "LB". Also shows he's multi functional and it would make sense since he's 27 and Downing just left. I guess let's watch and see if it's actually done, or just hot air.. I "think" so.

        As for CB, I'm beginning to think that we might stand pat after reading Skrtel's interview where he admitted that he's had a tough time with a knee injury, but is very much happy and welcoming of the competition to fight Toure for his place. Granted, he could get sent to Napoli like Reina, but he'd be impossible to replace without a 100% guaranteed "in" like Alderweireld ..

        Up front, I could see the rumors of Scott Sinclair being true, and while that won't excite many, he was many of our favorites of the Swansea contingent in which we thought BR might bring with him 2 years ago, and I rated him quite highly then. He's 24, a big upgrade to Downing and knows the system. If you want to cross your fingers and dream a little, let's hope the story of Willian from Anzhi are true.. Champions League aside, he's be the equivalent, and actually better than Mkhitarayan, and just slightly more expensive, but a truly top top class player. I won't hold my breath, but, if Rodgers did have the 25-30M to spend on Mkhy, then he should certainly have it still available to move on Willian, and the fact that it is later in the window, with others having made the 25-35M purchases, makes it somewhat realistic, in addition to Brazilian recruiting of Lucas and Coutinho..

        Siquiherie (whatever), Sinclair, Willian would do..