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  • Loki Loki Aug 17, 2013 16:45 Flag

    We did well today

    First opening win for 5 seasons, some great movement and a few worldies from the opposing goalie. Not a bad days work but we do have to iron out that set piece and cross fragility we seem to have had since i was born!

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    • Hey Loki.

      Agree with that. In many ways it was groundhog day from most of last season - good movement, lots of chances, hit woodwork, keeper having a worldy against us, dodgy 1-0 lead, inexplicable handball to give the pen away.

      But ... we actually won an opening day fixture!

      Let's hope we can do something we never managed last season and put together some momentum with some more wins in the next two games!

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      • If there was anything, and it really was hard to find faults, aside from the woodwork jobs, and even harder to pick on the guy, I'd like to see Mignolet be more commanding in the box. He looked very tentative on anything in the air, and especially on the set pieces, where he could have come out strong and punched them away, or just caught them with ease. I'm sure like any keeper, he still regarded them as Stoke under Pulis, and there wasn't a whole lot of difference under Sparky, and we don't have 6'3 & 6'4 cbs to protect him, but he's a big lad with top top class skills, so he has to be more commanding.

        Other than that, if I'm going to find fault with anything else, I'd like to see a lot more in the final 3rd from both Glen and Enrique. Particularly Glen, who some could argue has better offensive qualities than D. He often seemed to just stop and think too much, or be indecisive as to whether he could go right towards the byline for a cross, or cut in left and take a shot.. He's better than that.

        All in all, finishing the obvious, against Stoke too, and after 5 years. Not too many complaints.

    • Not a bad day at all! Some of the interchange was superb, and as you say we have to give credit to Begovic for a world class performance (why is he still at Stoke?).

      On the set plays I kind of agree, but have to say SM grew in stature as the game progressed, so while he did flap around a few times at set plays and with the ball at his feet, I got to think the nerves in the first half standing in front of the Kop were intense for him. And, obviously the penalty (double save actually) save must of done his confidence a world of good.

      Also, I know this was not Pullis's Stoke, but I could not see too much of a difference, and while we need to improve our defense of set plays, they are one of the leagues experts at smash and grab from those set plays, and we did enough to get those 3 points.