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  • Paddy Paddy Aug 19, 2013 11:29 Flag

    The Rodgers Reign

    At the end of the season BR will have had two years in charge which, imo, makes it a sensible time to judge how he's done. So my question is, what will he needed to have achieved by the end of the season in order to be given more time?

    For me, we need to get fourth or at least be in the hunt for fourth towards the end of the season. If not, I think serious doubts can be cast on the direction of the club.

    What do you think?

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    • I think we have to judge him on what he can control and not on what he can't. What I mean by that is while I'd like to say 4th place is the red line, I think we have to be honest and say that the competition for 4th is extremely strong, and not making it may not be a sign of failure.

      To take Jason's point, if we have a disastrous season, 9th or below, out of the cups early then most likely he's gone, and maybe before the end of the season. But if we're in the hunt for 4th whether we make it or not may not be the deciding factor.

      Put it this way as things stand now, with Arsenal not investing, and Bale currently at Spurs I'd say its a very close race between us to get 4th spot, but Spurs has to be considered the favorite with the spending they've done. But we can't control what Spurs does in keeping Bale or investing the money they get for him if he goes. Same thing with Arsenal; right now I'd say we should be ahead of them, but they could turn around and spend that 75M they say they've got in the bank as we simply cannot match them.

      Bottom line is I'm hoping for 4th, and almost expecting it with the way we've been playing this calendar year. But if we fall short but I feel BR did everything in his power to push us over the line I think I'll give him another year. Its subjective I know, but I got a feeling that a very good team will finish 5th this year, and maybe 6th also, and whoever is managing those teams I'm not sure can be viewed objectively as a poor manager.

    • The owners are going to allow him to see out his 3 year contract barring 2 things, a disastrous finish this year, such as 9th or 10th, or if some incredible name pops up next year, if we've not challenged proper for the Champions League. That's really the jist of it, and strong message given via the American sources, and Henry & Co.,

      But last year, as many people complained, BR was often very overly optimistic and congenial, even after some losses or draws, though he said, that is his nature and he's ever the optimist. Now, it seems in hearing alot of his pressers, and interviews, I personally get the feeling he's taking a much more hardlined stance with everything he says and can control. He's obviously a player's manager, but I think he's really finding the right balance of friend/mentor - Boss - My way or the Highway, and it's nice to see, because everyone seems to be on board. I found the following quotes very interesting, and promising, on his behalf..

      "We've got better and better as we've gone on. It's a big job here.

      "But I just got the feeling in the dressing room beforehand (Stoke), when the players were getting together, some of our staff were saying that it just feels different this year.

      "There's a camaraderie and a togetherness there. Long may it continue." -

      "We haven't won the World Cup, it's a game of football. But the lads are happy, they've done their job. They knew this was a big three points."