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    Fenner vs. Arsenal

    Okay maybe not strictly an LFC subject, but was interested in the impact this tie may have on us. And, as we have a gunner who likes to visit this board, why not discuss.

    On the one hand if Arsenal fall at this stage and are knocked out of the CL its going to have a negative impact on them which may give us some advantage. Loss of CL revenue may impact what they do in the transfer market no matter what the club says about how much they have in the bank, but have yet to spend. Additionally the one major draw they have over us with players, the chance to play at Europe's top table will be gone. Let's be honest the one thing that turned Suarez's head when Real cooled their heels is the fact Arsenal would be in Europe while we are not.

    But on the other hand, despite all the media reports about the weak squad Arsenal has, they are a club built to play in Europe. Focus that all on the league, with less games, less chance of injury and more recovery time they could be a greater force in the league. Arsenal have had a habit of missing out at the crucial moment in big competitions, but usually finish the league season in top form. Maybe that top form will come sooner if they are less distracted.

    Personally I'm torn as I have connections with Fenner. Its my wife's team, and the only club she'll actually watch play, my barber is a huge fan, and my sister in law lives less than a mile from the stadium. And of course there's Kuyt. So I'd love to see the Turks do well, and sorry to our visiting Gunner, I'd laugh at Wenger expense, however I do think an Arsenal in Europe is less of a threat to us in the league, than one focused on 4th from the beginning of the season.

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    • Fener 0-3 Arsenal

      Obviously not the outcome Liverpool fans wanted tonight, but Arsenal players did a professional job, albeit, against a weaker opposition.

      It now seems to me that qualification into the CL group stages is all but sewn-up barring a miracle, and an unlikely goal avalanche from Fener in the return leg.

      The question I have is, what does Arsenal's almost certain CL qualification mean for Luis Suarez's situation?

    • We all want a Fener win tonight! It won't happen though, Arsenal will surely be strong over 2 legs. Such a shame that Dirk is out injured for the tie.

      With regards to the Willian thing, it is a real shame, he is a quality player but a bit scary price wise at £30m? I reckon we could get 2 wingers for £40m that should give us a stronger chance this year. Arda Turan and Xherdan Shaqiri would suit us perfectly.

      The story with Spurs is quite clear to me. Spurs have already done a deal for Bale, they already have the money just that Levy has masterminded a deal that allowed them to spend the money before it became official so that they were not held to ransom. This is surely the reason he has not been able to play, as they don't want an injury to cause a problem.

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      • Hobitez, I agree £30m is alot of money to blow on a player with no Premier League experience. Anzhi took the same gamble on several high calibre players and it didn't quite work out as they planned. Spurs are taking a huge gamble on Willian, imo.

        A done deal for Bale is the only plausible explanation for Daniel Levy's spending spree in recent weeks.

    • I would like Arsenal to fail in their attempt to get in the CL.

    • Hi Dave,
      Just heard that Willian has passed his Spurs medical which is a shame for BR, his capture would have been a great coup for LFC having lost Sigusin (spelling?), Dempsey and company to Spurs in recent seasons.Additionally, Balague, the Spanish football expert is reporting that Bale's transfer to Real is now a matter of hours and not days before it happens. Looks like the clog jam delaying things is now starting to move slowly but surely. This is good news for other clubs waiting for big deals to happen.

      Back to the topic for discussion, failing to qualify for this season's CL proper will be a huge blow for Arsenal having done all the hard work last season to put ourselves into this position. I have a feeling that we would get a positive result tomorrow and over two legs I believe Arsenal would have too much quality for the Turks. We have to be careful not to under-rate Fener as they have a few players with Premier League experience in the squad. I'm expecting a hard fought match over two legs. It would also be very interesting to see what sort of reaction we get from the players having been beaten by Villa in our opening league match.

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      • I saw the story on Willian arriving in London so the assumption was he was going to Spurs for a medical, but I'd not seen yet any confirmation that he had actually taken or passed the medical at WHL. If true then your right it will be a blow for us, although a coup if he'd actually come to us, so can't get too upset. But I'll also say BR has had a habit of keeping his real targets very close to his chest till they actually sign, so I'd not be surprised if we hear an announcement on a player that no one had linked to us. Just hope if that happens they are real quality.

        But I also saw a story linking both our clubs to Lamela after Spurs dithered. It does seem things are moving much faster now, so maybe the Bale story is true, which has removed that log jam. I do expect quite a few moves this week, but don't be surprised if the press missed many of the deals that actually come to pass.

        On the CL question, I can understand from a fan perspective why failing now would be a huge blow, but just wondering, as who is in CL this year from an LFC perspective is irrelevant, which is the bigger threat, an occupied Arsenal playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or one solely focused on the league.?