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  • Paisley Shanks Legend Paisley Shanks Legend Aug 21, 2013 14:07 Flag

    The dredges of this Liverpool board

    Good afternoon flopites. Good to see that absolutely nothing has changed from this fragmented yahoo stench of boards. Thankfully my personal team of technicians has brought me back here to re-educate the masses and, boy, does it need saturation bombing in here.

    Firstly there is a terrible smell around this place. Is dsteer still here? along with the cretins like Ed, Hobitez and the herpes riddled Loki?

    Anyway, enough of the kindness, I want to at the very least let you know I'm here to help. Some of you may be required to go to Switzerland on a one-way ticket, some of you may just need complete education. And then , of course there's some elite knowledgeable folks like me who need nothing. But, of course, the latter, never changes. I'm never challenged, not even a whimper. All rather pathetic

    My new re-education campaign to the numbers starts with Rodgers. He's not BIG enough to cope. He's not a BIG enough draw for a super star purchase. We're absolutely NO better off pre-WAFA the waitress. We're still picking up the pieces from this terrible era. I fear we may never recover.


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