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  • Paddy Paddy Aug 22, 2013 14:21 Flag

    BR: "more signings in ‘next 3-5 weeks" - 11/7

    Anyone else getting worried? I also remember him talking about 3 first teamers.

    Given that Spurs are out of the CL, how come they can manage to attract lots of top names where we seem to struggle? Anything to do with a certain Franco Baldini?

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    • Seeing as the window will be shut, that can mean only one thing - free agents! Dear oh dear.....

    • I'm always a bit worried this time of year, its the unknown. We don't know who we will bring in if anyone, nor do we know who our rivals will get. Yes the season started last weekend, but in many ways until the transfer window closes everything remains fluid. But end of the day all you can do is trust the manager and the clubs transfer team to get it right. Doubt they'll be perfect, but if they get most of the deals, in and out, right, and we are stronger than last term that is all you can ask for.

      As for Spurs I think the answer is pretty simple. Yes CL football is a major draw for many players, but the others are money and ambition. Whether Bale goes or not and the money is in the bank it seems to everyone Spurs are acting like a newly rich club. yes maybe Baldini being able to get deals done quickly is a factor of how well they are doing in the market, but he needs the tools in order to get deals done, namely the money to give to other clubs in transfers, and wage packages that keep the incoming player and agent happy.

      They are also showing ambition. In a summer when they could have looked like a selling club, they've been smart and have looked like a club willing to trade to grow. Personally I think the key was bringing in Paulinho before the confederations cup was over, sent the message on a global stage we want the worlds best players to build a team, and it worked.

      But I'd also add a word of caution. First off as I've already mentioned on a different thread there is the impact on their wage bill especially If the roll of the dice does not work out and they don't get CL next year. But second doing quick deals and paying what it takes to bring in your first choice targets has its risks also. Don't we remember another director of football, from Spurs who did the same job for us? Will they all hit the ground running, are they all worth what was paid, and will they actually deliver what is required, a top 4 berth?

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      • Hi Dave

        I think you're right on waiting for the window to end before giving a final verdict. That said it was our stated intention to have purchased three first teamers by now so something has gone seriously wrong.

        On the note of caution for Spurs, I think you may be grasping at straws. I don't know Spurs' financial situation but they always seem to be a pretty well run club. They have moved several players out and my guess is that they are using those wages, plus the increase in revenue from the TV deal, to fund the wages of the new players. Compare that with us ... we seem to have lowered our wage bill and so must have lots of cash to spend when you take into account the revenue bump - why are we finding it so difficult to use it?

        You're right that there is a chance that Spurs might have a period of settling while players bed in and we do have a relatively comfortable start to the season which might get us off to a flyer. However, the season is long and usually the best squads get the best positions. I fear we might be looking at 6th again this year and, if so, I for one will have lost faith in the BR/JH management of the club.