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  • Loki Loki Aug 23, 2013 07:53 Flag

    Did the owners pull the plug again?

    Just read Rodgers comments in the telegraph about how Willian would have been perfect for us but it don't go ahead for 'non-footballing' reasons and that it's 'the owners money.' I could be wrong but reading between the lines there, they've put the kybosh on another deal!

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    • Its hard to say who got this wrong without all the facts, but the question is what does "not footballing" reasons mean? If that is money which I'd say is a pretty good educated guess, then I'm not so sure it is such a bad thing that we backed off.

      The saying is every player has his price, but why would anybody pay more than that price? it seems to me Willian wanted to come to the prem, and we'd put forward a decent offer his club and he were interested in. Spurs then sweetened that offer so the player logically went in their direction. But despite a fee with Anzhi agreed, and a medical being passed, paperwork has not been signed as the player is keeping his options open as now Chelsea are in the frame also. Sounds very much like the players agent is trying to start a bidding war over the players personal terms, or more bluntly, who's going to pay him the most per week.

      If that is the "non footballing" reasons, then the question you have to ask yourself is how much is Willian worth. Not his transfer fee, but his wage; what we'd actually have to pay him each week for the next 5 years. How about 75K a week, or 19.5M over his contract? How about 100K a week or 26M over the contract? What about 150K a week or 39M over the life of the deal? Well now Chelsea are in the picture could we even consider 200K a week which is over 50M for his contract.

      Maybe we disagree with the owners on the number, but surely we agree there is a number at which point its rational to say, we're out.

    • I haven't seen those quotes Loki but, if correct, I think it's worrying.

      So far, we seem to be about breaking even on transfers in/out and probably have made a saving on the overall wages bill. We've sat still whilst we watch a club in a similar position buy quality player after quality player. Given the increase in revenue from this season and our need to get into the top 4, it's incredible that we haven't purchased the promised three first teamers yet.

      Just over a week left - I'm beginning to get a sinking feeling!

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      • I'm with you there Paddy, we've spent #$%$-all this window. In fact taking into account wages it's cheaper to run the team now than last season! Personally I'm not too upset at missing out on Willian but the manger has identified him, we've done all that work scouting him etc only for the owners to say 'no' - where is the communication to avoid these embarrassments?

      • Willian sounded excited about LFC, it sounded like we met the fee so he must have been chasing silly money. Perhaps that is what everyone is earning right now at the top end but I have got over it already. There is plenty of widemen available that could take us on a level. Arda Turan, Xherdan Shaqiri, Victor Moses, Cristian Tello, Ben Arfa etc. Even an Agbonglahor would be a good signing!

        Plenty more fish in the sea for widemen.