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  • Jason Jason Aug 24, 2013 15:31 Flag

    Hey Guys - Need Some Help!

    I'm headed to the UK in about 3 weeks, and I will be in Liverpool & at Anfield vs Southampton, so I was wondering if any of you lads could help me with locating some tickets for the match at a decent price?

    Last summer when I went to the Europa match vs FC Gomel, I went right to the ticket gate the morning of, and obviously because it was summer and a qualifier, was extremely lucky to get fantastic seats, so I don't expect that to happen again, but I'd rather not travel without having them, unless you recommend that I wait and try to find some at the grounds..

    I'm open to any and all suggestions / sites etc etc.. Also, if anyone is free that week/weekend, I'd love to try and meet up for a pint or 10.. On me of course..


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    • I'll make some enquiries fella, but not promising anything! Either way we can meet up for a bev if you want and get bladdered!

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      • Thanks for the offer Loki, if you happen to find something this week, or the next 10 days, keep me posted otherwise I'll just pay what I have to online, probably what I'd spend at the grounds anyways.

        As for meeting up, ABSOLUTELY! Let me know the best way we can get in touch, and I'll reach out to you, so I know how to get in touch, and where we can meet up once I arrive.. I could go for a nice Carling draught or two, though I do love my Carlsberg..