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  • Loki Loki Aug 28, 2013 10:09 Flag

    Ibe and Alberto not ready for the first team

    I don't want to be too harsh - but it shows how our squad needs strengthening using these two lads. Someone needs to tell Ibe that its not illegal to use team-mates and he shouldn't try so hard to impress. I am also amazed that somebody who spent a year at Barca can't pass the ball. I can see that Alberto has good vision but he really needs to get up to speed with the pace of the game coz he's about 10 yards short at the moment.

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    • To be fair I don't think either of these two were ever envisioned to be breaking into the first 11 this season, but more likely to be on the fringe of the first team as squad players, and getting their chances in the domestic cups. But the real problem for players at their level is that they've outgrown the reserves which just does not provide enough challenge to help them progress. Loaning them out is an option, but then you loose much of the control over their development, and if we want to bred a generation of players all working to the same system, a year of championship football may not be the best thing. The only way they can improve is to be in around better players everyday in training, and then get the opportunity to play when it comes. Yes they will make mistakes, but that is the nature of any young player.