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  • Loki Loki Aug 28, 2013 10:25 Flag

    Why always the hard way?

    It seems we always have to do things the hard way - ever since I can remember - until we can pressure teams for 90 minutes on a regular basis no matter what the score is in games then we're gonna have to go through unnecessary anguish like last night. Coming out for the second half with the attitude that the game was won was unacceptable. I know what Rodgers has said in the papers but I think they will have got a roasting after the game. After all, it was a strong team with the exception of 2 players.

    We need 2 more players before next week and a centre half is crucial!

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    • Isn't the hard way the Liverpool way? In all seriousness I agree while BR was defending his players in public by talking up the positives from last night, I'm sure in private they were given a right talking to. The defending for both goals was atrocious, you just cannot loose your man in the box, especially when he's a big target man!

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      • Everything we do, especially when having a lead, is the complete opposite and antithesis of the Man Utd way, which is, we've scored 2, let's score 3. We've scored 3, let's score 4. Offense in many instances, is the best for of defense, and obviously leads to counters and more chances. Granted I think we hit the bar like 4 times, but we should have put it to bed at 3-0, w/ some chances missed.

        Hate to pick on any one player, and it's not totally his fault since he's been moved to and favors CB, but Wisdom was at fault for both goals, and conceded the foul that led to the set piece where Kolo has injured his groin. Not to say Kolo wouldn't have, but just a point.. Let's just keep our fingers crossed Skrtel is fit and ready to go at the weekend, because no matter how much Utd may have struggled to score in their last match, it was vs Jose and a Chelski team who went to park the bus, and with Cahill/Terry partnered, and Ivanovic/Cole always in the right place at the right time..

        I fear the worst for Kolo's injury, so let's also hope aside from Skrtel that one of these deals, Tiago Llori of Sporting, Sakho from PSG, or Alderweireld from Ajax gets done YESTERDAY! Perhaps Carra still has 70" in him?