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  • Looks like Skrtel "should" be fit and full go for the weekend, and despite BR comments and my own reservations, particularly with a groin, Kolo has refused to rule himself out, and will have a late fitness test, today and possibly again Sunday. As great as he's been, I see that as a huge risk in a big game, where 3 subs are far more valuable than they were vs our first 2 opponents, and Notts, as we learned.

    As for new CB's, turns out via a PSG spokesperson, about 10 days ago, they rejected a 9M bid for Mamdou Sakho, and the stories I'm reading here, are that we've offered 11M (rising to 12M) and Sakho is keen, but PSG will decide in the next day or so. Also, seems as if we've finally offered up what Sporting's valuation of Tiago Llori is, at around 7M. Those are really the only 2 I can see, since Alderweireld seems to join, and reject a new team each day, and I suppose Spurs could buy another player today. Papapdopolous seems a huge risk to me after coming off a bad knee injury and having not featured outside of friendlies this year. No point in bringing in a 75% fit player with 2 main CB's already in doubt.

    Should we land Sakho, or Llori, god forbid both, then I'd expect Wisdom to go out on loan, but despite his shocker vs Notts, he just can't leave now, especially until Kelly can get fit, and with doubts over Cissokho. It's hard to imagine a team having so much bad luck, and injury at the back, at leas that I can remember..

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    • Reports here all saying the Sakho deal is £13m rising to £19m! Also, it is suggested both are having medicals today. I doubt very much that Kolo will play, if Skrtel is fit I would start him and let him have a dream send off match, can't be a much better way to say goodbye then a home match against Manchester United. That way, Kolo can be ready and fit for the end of the international break. The Yarmelenko story is nonsense as far as I can tell, when the press asked Rodgers about him he said "who?" then the reporter said his name again and he said "where does he play? Never heard of him!". Could be a smokescreen but he looked pretty sincere!

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      • Have to say I'm very surprised, and happy, after seeing a picture of Sakho at Melwood in an LFC training kit ahead of his medical/signature, along with another that seems to show both he AND Ilori walking into the Melwood facilities. Along with those two, it's sounding about a done deal for the loan of Victor Moses, and now we're apparently bringing in Shay Given to back up Mignolet, and then obviously discard of Jones I'd imagine..

        Then for Mr. Yarmolenko.. I haven't got a clue, but for a player that so few know about, nor linked with any other clubs, seems so strange that it's being written over and over, even from the Ukraine.. I'm not getting my hopes up, especially if we manage to get in 4 more by Monday, but if his link to LFC is so random and strange, then it actually just may be true.. Fingers crossed I suppose, he does look good on film, and the little I saw at Euros..!!

    • Rodgers said Kelly won't be properly fit for a year! I trust the management to get the right guy in - Sakho has high level experience and the young lad is one for the future so I think there could be a possibility for both.

      What intrigues me is the Yarmolenko rumours because he's right sided when Rodgers reckons we need a left midfielder so he can move little Phil into the middle.

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      • I think, from the little that I do know about Yarmolenko, he's capable of playing anywhere across that line of 3, and he's a big lad, with incredible speed. I noticed he's very comfortable with both feet, so converting to that left hand side (if even true) shouldn't be much of an issue, where he can cut in on his right, with Aspas lined up on the right cutting in on his left.. this presumably, again if true and if it happens, would be a temporary thing until his highness, Sir Luis Suarez returns.

        As for CB's, from more reading here, and seeing things printed over there, along with Rodgers sarcastic smile and "no comment", it seems Tiago Llori, could finally be completed as early as this weekend, with news suggesting he's in England for a medical and will watch the Manchester match.. I guess we'll see. I'd imagine his arrival, return to fitness of Skrtel, and good news on Toure, along with (not too reliable yet) gWisdom, gives us 5 CBs. The news of Aly and 6-8 weeks is a blow, and there's some suggestion we'd get Sakho also because he can play left back, but I just can't see us forking out 20M+ on two Cb's who are young but top quality and starting caliber, but who knows..

        I don't rate him at all, but when pressed to action 2 years ago, Flannagan did ok, so if forced to LB, Glenda could go there, and with Skrtel/Toure fit, we've got experienced cover to help him, though not ideal, while Kelly is on the mend..