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  • Loki Loki Sep 1, 2013 15:59 Flag

    Didn't deserve to win - I love it!

    Have you seen us give the ball away so much? Enrique had his best game for me and Skrts was a total beast! The back four were good all around but the old ticker was in the mouth when Wisdom came on though!

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    • Especially after his perormance against Notts County! Johnson was defensively excellent I thought, Hendo with that amazing work rate again. We are winning games without getting to anywhere near our level which has to be a good thing. Last year we would play well and lose or draw so hopefully we can carry on with the momentum into Swansea.

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      • To be fair - I need to clarify. If they had come away woth a draw I dont think I would have grumbled too much.

        The greatest change for me is the mentality of the team. It is like times of old where we used to know we were going to win. Last year there was a defensive frailty which doesnt seem to be there now,and the boys believe that they are going to get a result. The thing that needs to click now is taking our chances......