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  • Loki Loki Sep 3, 2013 00:06 Flag

    So what our strongest team?


    Obviously Suarez is a bit further forward than the a I've suggests! We've done pretty well this window!

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    • Certainly in defence, I dont think anyone knows our strongest 11. In Toure-Skrtel-Agger-Sakho there is very little to choose between them as well as having a variation of style depending on the match. The backs against the walls stuff really suits Skrtel, he had a great game against United. Toure is very good against a powerful striker as he can match them up for strength. I guess Sakho will be the guy you play against pace with his athletic reputation. It is a great problem to have. Skrtel should start the next match though, I agree. If I was asked our strongest 11 right now, I would go:

      Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
      Lucas Gerrard
      Suarez Coutinho Moses

      It will change every week though, it is nice to have strength in depth. I would drop Aspas without a thought but Hendo really deserves to be in there after his start, his name just ruined the team sheets asthetics!

    • Based on his impeccable play at the weekend, after almost none in a month, reminiscent of 2012, I'd find it extremely harsh or that easy for BR to drop Skrtel after the break, even if Kolo is fit. Once Sakho is up to speed, he can spell Agger on the left to keep him fresh. We also have no news yet of Glen's ankle/foot, and he was in a walking cast/crutches, so that could force Kelly in, or create a 3 man back.. we'll see, fingers crossed.

      That said, I'd agree with that entire team, with the exception of Skrtel in there for now, and the addition of Moses, allowing for Aspas (temporarily) to play on that wide right, Moses on the wide left and Coutinho in the hole behind Sturridge, and when Suarez returns, he'll have his license to roam, but probably start on the left a lot, where he seems to pop up mostly, when not in the center.

      Moses may not make people jump out of their chair, but the boy has pace, dribbling, goals/assists, and Chelsea bought him for a reason, and more than anything, he allows for more natural attacking creativity

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      • I'd agree with Jason that it would be very hard to drop Skrtel at this point. But I think that could be said for a number of players, like Aspas, Hendo, and we've yet to see our new recruits so actually this is the big plus right now. What Loki has put here may well be the strongest or close to our strongest 11, however switch in a couple other names and I don't think we really drop very far, meaning we may now have some real strength in depth, which is something we've not had in a long time.