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  • Loki Loki Sep 9, 2013 16:36 Flag

    Studge is made of glass

    I've got to admit, it's a worry how often Danny boy is injured. We really need him fit to play at least 25 straight games. I don't think that's going to happen however. This time we shouldn't rush him back even if we need him.

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    • In hindsight maybe the injury should have been predicted, as strains often occur when a player is coming back from a long layoff, especially when they come back sooner than expected. But hopefully having the couple extra days with us playing on Monday will give him a chance to be at least fit enough to give us 60 minutes.

      But whether we should risk putting him back into the fray will be a judgement call. I'd play him even if not 100% fit as he's bang in form, and high on confidence. However if there is a risk of further injury I might err on the side of caution. I know we have Suarez coming back soon, but I'd like to see more of Sturridge on the pitch with Luis rather than him being just the back up. The more we play him, the more I think we'll get out of him as he seems to be a confidence player who may not be at his best coming off the bench.

      But if Daniel is not available, then wonder, at least for the Swansea match if we should not go with a false number 9. Since we really don't have a real center forward to lead the line, and we know Swansea is going to try and dominate possession in the center, why not just snuff that out by packing the midfield ourselves.

    • I would definitely play Sturridge even if he is a bit of a concern, Swansea away can be such a tough place to go and that pace and trickery on the counter attack will be very important. I would rather take the risk of injury in that game and risk playing Southampton at home without him. Obviously Suaro will then return. As Jason was saying, Victor Moses is capable of deputising and Aspas was scoring freely in pre season, I think we will be fine.

    • Agreed, and that's always been my concern / issue with him. Seems the only times he's ever been fully fit that we know of, when was he wasn't playing/being selected at all for Chelsea, and during his prolific run at Bolton on loan. I will say however, at this age, and he's only just turned 24, so many strikers seem to struggle with injuries, particularly the thighs and groin.. Torres was a weekly worry for us, Alexandre Pato couldn't even play 2 games in a row for Milan, Defoe always had his issues, and so many more.

      That said, I'm not sure we're all getting the whole scoop on what's wrong, as one day you read it's his thigh, which seems more manageable, and then it's an aggravation of the groin, which is not something to be taken lightly. He admitted to playing the entire United match on an injured thigh. I'm worried because, while he wasn't scoring, Borini looked very good and lively in pre-season and he's on loan, so Aspas is our other option up front, and leading the line @ Swans & Southampton, is a big ask, while we wait on his royal highness..

      I "think" we'll see Sturridge for Swans, even if it's 60-65, or coming on as a sub, and Victor Moses having arrived at Melwood today for full training will put him in contention to start, so we may be able to play Aspas up top, with Coutinho central, and 2 proper wide players in Moses and Sterling, which represents a lot of speed and creativity.. Fingers crossed I guess..