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  • Jason Jason Sep 10, 2013 11:52 Flag

    Andy Carroll - Worth the mention..

    First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry to hear about it, and I'd never wish any former Liverpool player any bad news, or personal anguish.. That said, after he's missed most of the WHU pre-season, and opening 3 matches due to a leg injury, he's just suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, which has him out at least 4 months, possibly the season.. We bought him when he was injured, and he never recovered that year, and also struggled badly while with BR's first summer camp here in the states before going on loan.

    I actually feel bad and wish the lad well, but BR and FSG have to be thanking their lucky stars, that Andy himself, or someone else did not convince them to hang on to him this year, and the 15M sale they got, seems even that much better since they don't have his wages nor have to face him.. I do feel bad for WHU breaking their record fee.

    This isn't to gloat, but the lad has simply never blossomed to this point, lived up to any expectations yet, despite having many years on his side, and isn't and won't ever be top class in England, the league or country. For all those who blamed BR for this and that about Andy, and even suggested he'd adapt to our style, which includes the fitness and cardio our boys have, is really proving to be factually ridiculous, and the notion he'd score 20 goals in a season for us, ludicrous. Again, wish him no harm, not gloating because that's not proper, but it proves his injury record shows no end. I wish him well, but so thankful he's been moved on, and for the fee we did recoup. Best of luck Andy, and to anyone who thinks he'll win the golden boot in this lifetime..

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    • I havent seen anything saying it was a ruptured Achillies, just a load of reports it was the same part of his foot with no expected return date. Either way, it is a bit sad for the lad, he wasn't quite up to becoming a Torres, Suarez, Owen for us but he is a good player nonetheless and never showed any lack of effort, he didnt pricetag himself. We definitely did well to recoup the amount we did and it is really telling now. You can almost guarantee the 2 games he plays this season will be against us though! On the other hand, I would happily take any bet on offer that before his career is up he manages to score 20 goals in a season, I am certain that it will happen eventually, can't see the injuries lasting forever, it is quite common in big strikers at a young age!

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      • I tend to agree Hobs. For me AC is still a very promising player, and it would not surprise me assuming he can get over the injury issues for him to become one of the better English strikers in the league.

        However end of the day he was simply a square peg trying to fit into a round hole once BR came into the picture last summer. No blame on either, its just apples and oranges. For AC to be at his best he needs service, which means speedy wingers who run for the touch line before they swing it in rather than cut inside. As soon as the decision was made we'd base our game around a fast passing midfield, and wingers who were inside forwards rather than touchline huggers, his days were numbered.

        One thing I will agree with Jason on is that he does have years on his side. The lad has plenty of time to get over his injuries and prove the doubters wrong. Without the huge price tag hanging over his head, and the glare of the media a club like LFC will always attract he has a better chance of doing that. And, for those who still think you can write off a player if he's not made it to the top by his 25 birthday, take a look at Rickie Lambert who was at Bristol Rovers in league two on his 25th birthday, and tonight he'll be England's number 9!