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  • Loki Loki Sep 16, 2013 23:00 Flag

    Dropping deep

    I can't ne'er stand why we do this so often after going ahead. We invite teams on and then isolate our attackers. We've got to stop this coz it will be our undoing in the long run.

    In saying that it's early days and we will improve but we need to nip it in the bud ASAP.

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    • It certainly keeps happening but we are picking up points for fun. I'm not convinced there was a tactic at Swansea, as D said, when PC got injured, the game just changed. The ball just wouldnt stick on the counter, there was a time late on when we had 5 players in front of the ball. I think it is just us coming into the season still, when we take a lead we focus on getting ourselves right defensively then try to play but it just isnt as fluid. I think Sturridge isnt fit and the focal point running out of energy makes a big difference. My feeling is that we are exerting a lot of energy early on. Again though, Swansea have very fast wingers, you dont really want Kolo and Skrtel playing high lines in the closing stages when they can be opened that easily with one ball over the top.

      I am not trying to be clever, I am just thinking out loud! The difference between this and the other games is that Swansea werent just taking potshots from far out like United etc, they really had us rattled. Hopefully Agger or Toure will be fit enough to return to the starting eleven on Saturday.

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      • I tend to agree with you that Swansea had us more rattled than what we've faced so far. The fast wingers is one point, which I think really held our full backs getting forward which is our only real width in attack. Not having Glen also really hurt as Wisdom really is a centre back and not an attacking full back.

        But on the other side of the ball I do have to give credit to Swansea, Bony and Mitchu were both very effective, and able to get the ball to stick when it arrived. Skrtel had a great game, and may have been the difference in terms of getting us the point, but he's much more in the mold of a Carra in that he saves the day with a last minute block or tackle rather than being proactive in preventing a chance from developing. I was impressed with Sakho, he's comfortable on the ball and a beast to get by, but there were a couple times he jumped in early which created space when the tackle did not come off.

        So for me while I think Sakho will grow as he gets used to our system and his new teammates, like you I do hope Agger will be available for the weekend. But the bigger loss is going to PC, who it looks like will need surgery. For me that is going to be a big loss as he's been the engine of creativity either when cutting in from the left, or on Monday when he really dictated the play from the center. I'm sure we'll manage without him, and with Suarez coming back soon I think we're now going to see more of Sturridge and Suarez together, but it does annoy me that one simple deliberate foul to stop a breakaway could cost us a lot more than one missed chance. Thanks Williams!

    • Some might call it dropping deep and inviting (danger) teams onto ourselves, but others might call it controlling the game and looking for the counter attack. Personally I find it a little nerve raking myself, as controlling the ball always seems the best defense, although against a side like Swansea you can't expect the ball all the time.

      But for me the big turning point was when Phillippe went off injured. We lost our rhythm, and the glue that brought the front line into the game. The first half, especially the first 20-30 minutes (other than when JonJo got his goal) it was the Coutinho show, and it was absolutely sublime. When he went off, and with Gerrard now sitting deeper we just had little creation, and while I'd been impressed with Aspas to date, last night I have to say he was awful.

      End of the day, while I'd like us to dominate throughout I think we have to recognize away from home, and against better teams, BR will look to manage the game, and yes grind out the result if that is what is called for. But sitting top of the table using that tactic I'm not sure we should complain too much. Is it better to complain after the fact that we played some great stuff but held on at the end of the result, rather than say we were the better team playing the better prettier football but got robbed of the points?

    • While sitting top of the table at the moment is fantastic, and nothing we envisioned after 4 matches, and a potential 5th winnable, we could have easily been sitting on 4/5 points, if not for the outstanding defending, particularly of Skrtel and Mignolet in net..

      I was lucky enough to be at last night's match here in Swansea, (magnificent atmosphere), and I left feeling very lucky to have 1 point in the bag, must have covered my eyes 5-6 times in the last 15..

      My only guess is that until Suarez is back, perhaps BR feels the bench lacks a little for us to extend ourselves offensively should Sturridge or Coutinho (who did) get hurt.. Not sure that makes much sense though

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      • Speaking of Coutinho getting hurt, from what I saw it was the result of Ashly Williams leaving his knee out for the pint sized Brazilan to crash over on his shoulder injuring him for god knows how long now, it genuinly felt at times like a few Swansea players almost hold a grudge against Liverpool or Rogers or both, a couple of times specialy Williams almost went looking for trouble which colminated in the injuring of Coutinho. I seem to remember him also having a few unpleasent words in regards to Suarez a while back.

        Williams has really gone down in my book and am glad we didnt buy him as he has showed signs of being quite a unpleasant individual.

        Almost felt like Liverpool vs Shelvy at times, why on earth have we sold a kid with so much potential, strengthening Swansea, could we not have loaned him out a couple years ready to take or play the role Gerrard fills now??

        He was an absolute beast against us and if it wasnt for his silly/ recless mistakes probly would have put us to the sword and taken all three points, he wont always be a liabilty and looks to me be a deadly in future.

        So many more things to say about this match about the loss of posesion in the second half due in my eyes to a tired and week midfield after Coutinho went off. Sakho looks to be a truly awsome center back at some point soon but was a little bit reckless in his tackles but will only improve with time.